Two Poems by Thea Matthews

Two Poems by Thea Matthews

SUNFLOWERS | Helianthus annuus

these Sunflowers                 scatter their romanian seeds
across the flat fields of hungary        their faces face East.
when Sun rises      so do their necks      their shoulders
their fingers stretch      arms embrace      each other they stand firm
close to each other some touch & dislike the close proximity
yet they do not fight      attack each other with words
gun down their mirrors with seeds.      they trust their formation.
when one is imbalanced      time spirals for the one to readjust position.
did these      Sunflowers      learn this maneuver      from poland’s
slanted wheat? or perhaps from lithuania’s tall stoic corn fields?
either way      they are in peace: a continuous practice: the knowing
I      stand   beside you      not over      or underneath    not
clenching till I grind teeth      not avoidance   or denial   only
the simple truth–– we are all on our way
& not at the same pace do we all turn to face the Sun.


CHRYSANTHEMUMS | Chrysanthemum morifolium

  She pours
      breaks the sky with tears
      cracks windchimes with her teeth
She beats on my front door
                      feeble walls
tremble .
I am left shaking      entangled
in the violaceous clusters of Her hair.
my body remembers
                        at night alone body freezes
                   one eye remains open when asleep
      stomach habitually stressed      tight
  hurts to digest & release
                                legs stiff
                         knees crack
         heart palpitates
ears easily hear a    cough thru walls cries thru buildings.
         (I swore I was getting better)

I surrender      nearby loitering trees I bathe in Moonlight.

                  my body remembers.
          the petrichor
   the reassurance
the hope

one day      this body will know Love.

T Matthews

About Thea’s Poetry

These poems are from a manuscript that is currently in the final editing stages called (I bring you) FLOWERS.  Thea is currently searching for a publisher and hopes to have this collection published sometime in 2020. Be sure to visit her website for more information on current and future projects!