When You Wish Upon a Claw – Audio Short Story by Iona Douglas

wish upon a claw


The short story When You Wish Upon a Claw was originally published as Space Tunnel in the anniversary issue of Edify Fiction. Gather yourself in a quiet nook and listen to the story below, as narrated by Victoria Tunnah, with music by Bensound.

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Click here to read When you Wish Upon a Claw (orginally titled Space Tunnel) by Iona Douglas in Edify Fiction Volume 2, Issue 5.

About the narrator:

Victoria Tunnah is an actress and yoga teacher who lives in Manchester. She acts on stage, screen and voice over and has a passion for language, voice and movement. Currently she’s developing sessions which fuse the principles of yoga with actor development/training and touring the North West of England with a local rep theatre company.