Anxiety advice – I worry constantly

Anxiety advice - I worry constantly

Dear Mookychick,

Please help with some love advice about my anxiety with my boyfriend. I’m 17, and I’ve had the same boyfriend for a year. He made me very open and comfortable around him… even though I’ve never been comfortable looking at myself in the mirror. I have tanlines and I hate them. One of my bubbies is bigger then the other a little bit. I’m always worried about something. Like when my nipple hurt really bad and was sore the other day I got worried I had something wrong with me . And I have discharge a lot. Is that normal? How can I make myself more confident and stop worrying?

Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

The Mookychick ‘agony sisters’ are all experienced girls of the world who can give you down-to-earth advice on any problem, hugely big or ludicrously small. They have no professional advice experience whatsoever, but since when has that ever stopped anyone? They have lived life to the full and are totally on your side!

Ashley says…

Hey honey…

OK, first things first. All your general neurosis and insecurities? Tadaaaaa – I share ’em! And I bet you all the other Mookychicks (and every other person on the planet) has had them too…what a bunch of insecure poppets we’ve become. I find myself saying this on a weekly basis… ‘there is NO NORMAL!’ We’re all unique, we ALL have one bubby bigger than the other, strange bodily functions and a couple of odd attributes – but that’s what makes us unique 😉

I would say go speak to your doctor – it’s obviously a concern of yours to be feeling so fretful and it can’t be good for your soul. Tell the doctor that lately you’ve been feeling anxious about your health and would like a thorough check-up. Chat to someone you can trust, (like you’ve done with us, which was a good start) who’ll be able to help reassure you everything’s okay!