Tarot Horoscopes – June 2020

Tarot Horoscopes - June 2020

Hello, dear Mooks! Magical editor Kate here, introducing and welcoming our new regular contributor Cat Leigh. Cat will be combining tarot and astrology to bring this unique horoscope reading to you on the first of each month. We’re very excited to share their insights, and we hope you enjoy the reading, too.

Now – over to Cat!


Well met and blessed be!

This article is the first in a monthly series of tarot-based horoscopes, using a spread in the shape of a wheel. At the hub is a central card that determines the guiding theme for the month. The signs make up the spokes of the wheel, radiating out from the center card. Each sign’s horoscope is based on the interaction between the hub card, the sign card, and the sign itself.

We all turn the cycle of the month together – hopefully this reading will give you some guidance as to where to focus your attention.


Hub – Page of Cups

This is a card of curiosity and the joy of new beginnings. All of us should watch for opportunities blooming around us, and new paths down which to wander. However, the Page can get upset when they don’t get what they want – we must all remember to handle disappointment with maturity.


Aries – Hanged Man

This card signifies that growth, at times, requires sacrifice. Is there something you have been unwilling to let go? Aries can have a hard time relinquishing control, but sometimes we must allow things to end to make room for new beginnings.


Taurus – Hierophant

Be wary of being stuck in your ways – Taurus and the Hierophant can both be stubborn . Sometimes taking advantage of new opportunities requires rethinking how things ought to be done. A new perspective can make all the difference.


Gemini – Five of Pentacles

Lack of connection is especially hard for Gemini, and you may find yourself starved for communication, and insecure in your circumstances. Don’t despair – new opportunities are on the way. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to reach out.


Cancer – The Devil

Cancers are nurturers, and there’s nothing wrong with helping others. But don’t get trapped in the mindset of always putting other’s needs before your own. It’s okay to set boundaries, and keep some of that love and healing energy for yourself.


Leo – Ten of Cups

Look forward to a time of fulfillment and celebration – Leo loves to shine, and your moment is at hand. Still, be be mindful of those around you. Are there any relationships that need mending? Be careful of who you might be leaving behind.


Virgo – The Sun

It can be hard for Virgo to feel optimistic when the world is in chaos, and everything feels out of place. But however cloudy the sky, the sun still shines; new chances for joy are always on the horizon. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small.


Libra – King of Pentacles

If you want the prosperity represented in this card, you have to keep working for it. Balance is Libra’s forte – use it to find stability.  Don’t get lost in your potential, or your current achievements. Celebrate each victory, and keep moving forward.


Scorpio – The Hermit

With isolation comes the opportunity to look inside yourself and set a new course. Turning Scorpio’s power of perception inward may lead to important discoveries, but don’t let introspection turn into disconnection from the people around you.


Sagittarius – King of Wands

This could be a vibrant time for you. Let Sagittarius’ strength of passion guide you. However, keep in mind that goals must be realistic in order to be attainable. Aim high, but don’t let your zeal push you or those around you past their limits.


Capricorn – Nine of Cups

This is a time to take care of yourself. Sometimes Capricorn can have a hard time asking for help, so don’t be afraid to lean on your friends, and offer what support you can in return. Be patient – with others, and especially with yourself.


Aquarius – Seven of Cups

You are approaching a crossroads, and the options may be tantalizing – but you must make choices based on what is, rather than how you wish things were. Aquarius wants to change the world, but you can’t do that unless you see it for what it is first.


Pisces – Seven of Swords

Use Pisces’ intuition to examine your motivations, and those of the ones around you. What changes do you want to make in your own life, and what is clouding the water? Strive for clarity and insist on honesty – not only from others, but also from yourself.