Best friend fancies the same boy

Best friend fancies the same boy

Dear Mookychick,

Both my best friend and I are single and are pretty bored with it. I’ve had boyfriends, she hasn’t had any and we’re both seventeen. Recently I’ve been noticing a cute guy working at our Dunkin Donuts. She talked to him yesterday night then I ran into him as well about an hour later. He gave me his number and when I told my friend about it she got angry at me for ‘taking her man’. I told her that was stupid but she seems to be really taking it to heart. He is really rad and in the tiny town I live in finding new cool people is really hard, espically local people. I would like to date him and I know my friend is too shy to acutally make any advances so I want to go for it. But at the same time, I don’t want to upset her.


Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

Ashley says…

Well, boredom at work is often solved by boinking one’s co-workers. But chances are it’s just going to muck up your job, in the short-term (since I’m assuming you’re not planning on staying at a pastry purveyor forever), and possibly your friendship in the long-term (though if you get to be 27 and still have all the same friends you had when you were 17, there’s something odd there too). She’s not in the right for getting angry at you for the actions of this guy and if you are being honest in your statement that you don’t want to upset her, leave him be.

You’re not going to be in that town, in that Dunkin Donuts forever, nor are you as frightened as she might be, since she’s never had a boyfriend, that this powdered-sugar Lothario will be your one and only chance in the world of romance. So split a bear-claw with her and tell her you’re not going to compete for him.

Debs says…

The one time my best friend and I really fell out, almost to the extreme of never speaking to each other again, was over a man. The hardest part was that I was the one in the wrong.

And, naturally, we’re friends again now and the man is not around. You can probably guess the moral of this story.

So, if you are going to make a play for this boy, then, well, you really need to make peace with your friend first and make sure that she is really cool with this. Otherwise, you need to let her have some space to make a move. If you’re really good friends, you could also help her.