Boy flirts with me but ignores me

Boy flirts with me but ignores me

Dear Mookychick,

I really like this guy who I always knew of and kinda fancied but it didnt even cross my mind that anything would happen. I met him on my prom night and we were both drinking but we got on really well. We didn’t do anything more than kiss. So the next day everyone tells me he’s got a girlfriend so I just forgot about him then a few hours later he texted me and we got chatting again and I realised how much I liked him.

He said how it was a good night and we should meet up again but nothing happens. A month later he starts talking to me again and all these feelings come back to me and we meet up for a little bit once and he is making more effort than before to text me and chat to me etc.

He said he didn’t have a girlfriend but I think he’s lying. This girl is always giving me evils because I see her a lot since we go to the same college and get on the same bus everyday.

So now the texting and stuff has died down again, I texted him and he didn’t reply so I haven’t bothered trying to talk to him and he hasn’t made any effort either.

I just don’t know what to do – whether to just forget about him or try and make an effort because I do like him?

Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

Debs says…

When was the last time you really spoke to this guy? I mean, really, spoke to him. Other than the odd quick chat and flirty text message. The only time you’ve kissed is when you were both drunk. And you know he has a girlfriend, which he’s already lied to you about. And if he’s going to cheat on her like this, what’s to say, that if you did ever become more than people who say hello to each other in a corridor, he wouldn’t do exactly the same to you? I think you can probably guess what I’m going to suggest. And if you guessed ‘make an effort’ then you should hang your head in shame missy and sit on the naughty stair.

Seriously, why would you want to make an effort with someone who doesn’t even make the effort to say hello to you? Even if it got any further, who do you think would be putting in all the work? Who do you think would always be making the effort? Then there’s his girlfriend to consider. What do you think you could be breaking up here? I mean, yeah, it probably isn’t that strong, otherwise he wouldn’t have flirted with you for a few days. Then again, maybe they were just going through a rough patch and he was enjoying the attention.

You have to forget him. Or rather forget any hope of getting off with him. It’s not going to happen. It never will. And whilst you spend all your time pining for him, you’re most probably missing out on a whole host of other people who want be quite so off-hand. Move on, stop staring at him in the canteen and find someone better.