Cheating in Long Distance Relationship

Cheating in Long Distance Relationship

Dear Mookychick,

My best friend has been with a guy on a long distance relationship for about 5 months now. I met him before and even talk to him through email and we became fast friends. Whenever we talk he is so sweet to my best friend and I think: Yeah, they are the perfect couple. This is where it gets difficult, because my friend started dating another guy. I have been thinking about telling the long distance relationship guy, but then I’m afraid that my best friend would feel betrayed by me if I told. But on the other hand, I feel like the long distance relationship guy should know also. Or should I just ignore all this because its none of my business? I really don’t know what to do, please help me.


Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

Magda says…

It sounds as though you have a genuine friendship with this long-distance guy and you respect him as a friend. However, you also know that your first loyalty is to your best friend.

You’re right to want to help your friend sort this mess out. Your job, really, is to tell her that it’s probably time for her to tell her long-distance boyfriend the truth. She needs to let him go so she can get on with her life, and he can get on with his. If long-distance guy had been cheating on her, I’m sure she’d rather know so that she could pick up the pieces and move on.

Your friend shouldn’t fear the consequences. She shouldn’t worry about making her long-distance ex sad, or about having less fun and love in her life. It’s about respecting yourself and the love you’ve shared – and then moving on. Anything else is not fair to him and it’s not fair to her. This is something that can happen with long-distance relationships and you don’t enter one without accepting that the other person might – even against their best intentions – meet someone else. Let’s face it, you simply cannot hang on to every boyfriend you’ve ever had! Otherwise we’d end up with a trail of boys behind us every time we went to the shops, all of them looking a bit cross with us and a bit cross with each other!

Essentially, the best course is for you not to talk about it to the long-distance guy, but to talk about it with your best friend.