Should I get a tattoo

Should I get a tattoo

Dear Mookychick,

Please help with some tattoo advice. My problem is probably very routine for you guys, being the alternative femme fatales you are, but ever since I can remember I have wanted a tattoo. Not only that, but I have always loved tattoos on anyone. When I was younger I was always drawing fake tattoos on myself and getting temporary tattoos.

Granted I have changed my mind a few over the years about what the tattoo I would get would be and where it would go, but normally it’s because I thought if I got that, I would be unhappy with it in twenty years time (i.e. deciding maybe the chinese symbol for butterfly next to a fairy might be a bit done already).

Finally this year I asked my friend to draw me a design (which I love love love now It’s done) that was very personal and special to me, because I am turning 18 this year, and wanted to commemorate it (also the age at which you can get one without consent, something my parents would NEVER give me).

The problem is my mum, who absolutely HATES tattoos. She sees them as a form of self mutilation. When I broached the subject with her (not for the first time either, she’s known I was going to do this for ages) and she found out where I wanted it (on the juncture between the back of my neck and my shoulder) she absolutely blew up, got incredibly emotional and said, among other things, that I may as well walk around with slut branded on my forehead. Not quite the reaction I was hoping for.

My real problem is that for the first time in my life I feel like she would actually stop loving me, or at least never love me in the same way, if I get this tattoo. Already I’m making compromises on where it would go, how big it would be (it’s pretty small to start with) because I just don’t want her to hate me.

So I’m basically wondering whether or not I should sublimate something that’s been a part of me for so long, something that I have wanted for so long so that I can please her or should I just resign myself to the fact that she doesn’t understand that part of me, never will and get it anyway?

Thanks a bundle

Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

Ashley says…

Your mom is being reactionary, and the fact that she thinks she can control what you, as an adult, do with your body, especially by holding her love not-so-subtly over your head, proves it.

My mom has her eyeliner tattooed on, and my dad is a big, burly biker dude covered with a raft of tattoos, so I’ve never had quite the same problem, but my dad was a little squeamish about me emulating him and possibly regretting it. After four tattoos, I haven’t regretted any – but I’ve thought long and hard about each. One thing I would advise you against is getting one in what seems like a place that clothing might not always hide. And no, the point of getting tattoos is not to hide them, but there will be plenty of times when you want to treat them like hickeys and cover them up temporarily.

Don’t let your mum come between you and the needle. She should be thankful you’re even asking her advice on anything (and that you’re not getting “piss off, mum” tattooed on your sternum). She hates them, so don’t let her whining compromise what you want to get – no matter if you get a small pink heart in between your toes that says “mama’s girl”, she’ll pitch a fit.

Magda says…

If your mum has valid concerns, she’s not expressing them very well, so she is already driving a rift between you. Her love is important to you and it should be, but the sort of love you should be aiming to share with your mum is one where you are both concerned for each other’s wellbeing and progress through life.

A tattoo shouldn’t be enough to break a proper loving relationship with your mum. It makes me wonder – does she have some control issues? Do you tend to say yes when you’d rather say no? Have there been other instances where you’ve held back to keep the peace, but because you really want this tattoo – or to assert your independence – you’re thinking this might be a time to make a stand?

You’re 18. You can have a tattoo if you want one. And if a relationship breaks over an issue that, to the objective observer, is really small, then it’s sadly a bit of a difficult relationship in the first place. If your mother doesn’t feel better after awhile, it may be that you’ll have to be the adult in this particular situation.