What are the signs a guy likes you

What are the signs a guy likes you

Dear Mookychick,

Please help with some love advice. What are the signs a guy likes you? There’s this person in my class called Bebbalina (fake name) and she asked out a guy I like called OJ (also a fake name). I thought he was going to ask me out because when he comes to school late he smiles at me and I always catch him staring at me… he never really speaks to me he just stares and smiles.

I did think that she fancied him because she laughed really goofily and started to badly flirt; the worst part is she asked one of my friends to ask him out for her. So basically the question is: How do I know if a guy likes me? Like, what are the signs and why does he keep staring at me? Thanks…

Love, Anonymous Me xxx

The Mookychick answer to your problem

Debs says…

Do you have food on your face? I find people stare at me a lot when I do that…

So, what are the signs that someone likes you? Well, if I knew that, I’d have a lot less embarrassing moments in my life, I can tell you. You see, the thing is, is different from person to person.

There’s a lot of physical basics, that everyone talks about. Pupils dilating, possibly perspiration and such like. Thing is, you’ve got to be pretty close to the person to spot those sort of things and by that stage, you’ve probably figured out that they like you.

So there’s other basics, like if they pay you a lot of attention,or stay at you, there’s the ‘accidental’ contact, or they might get an erection whenever they see you. Though, to be frank, that’s a bit of a give away.

Trouble is, men, surprisingly, sometimes, shy. Especially the younger ones. They don’t know what signs mean what either, and so use the wrong ones. They also fear rejection as much as anyone else, so will try and disguise any signs they might give off. They’re also trying to figure out any signs you might be giving off. Invariably, they also get those signs wrong.

No one ever said this is easy.

The fact that this guy never speaks to you implies that he might be shy to do so. After all, you might laugh in his face, he doesn’t know you won’t. So how do you get him to speak to you? How do you find out if he likes you?

Talk to him.

The next time he smiles at you in the morning, don’t smile back and look away, look him right in the eye and say hello. That will let him know he can talk to you. Then when you get talking, you can look for other signs. Is his attention on you? Is he laughing at your jokes? Is he ignoring other people? Then, yes, he likes you. Well done.