Cool mobile phone


Mookychick has been on the look-out for the perfect mobile phone.

We wanted it to be the closest thing you can get to telepathy inna box, and by Georgio we think we’ve found it!

The Mookychick perfect mobile phone would be…

  • Shatterproof, so you can drop it on hard surfaces when pissed
  • Waterproof, in case your perfume gets smashed in your bag – or you drop it in your drink
  • Tiffany necklace accessory with chip linked to phone so you can press a discreet button and hear your phone ring when you’ve put it down somewhere
  • Clockwork-operated recharger for unexpected sleepovers
  • Anti rape/mugging siren and taser
  • Screensaver vanity mirror
  • Endless section of non-crap polyphonic ringtones

Okay, we admit it doesn’t exist yet. But don’t worry… we’ll let the big brands know what we’re looking for, and get it pre-ordered for 2012…

If you want your mobile phone as magpie-shiny as these pics go check out

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