Reading for the Modern Person, it’s Amaazzing

audible audiobooks

One fiction-addicated mook discovered Audible audiobooks through a YouTuber and has never looked back.

I imagine there are a lot of people who, like me, like to read fiction; sci-fi, romance, comedy, horror, graphic novels, poetry, whatever! If I find a good book I can sit down and spend a whole day reading it – sometimes longer, if it’s a series. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way and my reading either takes place on the bus, at lunch break or in the evenings.

I stumbled across a youtuber called Meghan Rosette. She reviews fashion and candles and books on a monthly basis and I love her! She offered a free monthly trial for an audiobook website called Audible, so I thought I’d check it out. It turns out that this thing is freaking genius!


YouTuber Meghan Rosette loves an audiobook…

Audible works like this:

  1. You get the app on your phone (for free)
  2. Register on and opt for the free monthly trial
  3. With that you get a free credit which entitles you to any book of any genre or value, from the classics to the new releases.
  4. Enjoy!


Audible uses something called ‘immersion reading’ where professional narration is added to your Kindle e-Book. For other similar services here’s a bunch of audiobook apps to get you started.

Membership is about £8 and the books vary in price. It’s all done through Amazon, so the payment is safe and secure. You can also get book samples in the form of free chapters.

If you have audiobooks on iTunes, the Audible app syncs with the iTunes set-up so you can listen to audiobooks from Audible and iTunes in the same place.

A wee personal note: Some books are abridged, meaning that the story has been adapted. To get the full feel for the story I always go for unabridged. The prices are the same, but it depends on your personal preference. The important thing is…

Now I am whizzing through books! In the last the weeks I have read the Maze Runner trilogy (which was awesome). I’ve read the Divergent series, Catching Fire (my favourite of the Hunger Games trilogy) and The Golden Compass trilogy as well. Walking, running, sitting, eating, cooking, getting ready for work, tidying or just sitting in my chair with a cup of tea – I have enjoyed stories in a whole new light. Plus they’re handy for anyone who has vision problems or tired eyes.

If you’ve never tried an audiobook before I would suggest giving it a chance, because it helps you enjoy literature and also get stuff done! As people in a modern world who are working, studying and being parents, this is a great way to get your fiction fix. Although Kindles hold a huge number of books you could still end up walking into something if you were reading on your whole journey to work. Not with Audible. You will never walk into a lamppost with Audible. It has changed my life for the better!