Real superheroes better get on the world superhero registry

Real superheroes better get on the world superhero registry

Sick of holding out for a hero? Time to don the cape and mask and become a superhero (okay, masked vigilante) yourself. They’re all over the television and are always hitting us on the big screen – so, if you can’t beat them, join them. PS wonder if the World Superhero Registry is still a thing? It looks like the last superhero to don a cape was in 2010…

Why be a superhero?

If you have to ask, you clearly weren’t exposed to enough comics as a kid.

  • Superheroes get to right wrongs and experience the warm fuzzy feeling of being a goodie.
  • Flying is better for the environment than the car and faster than any speeding locomotive.
  • Fighting the good fight keeps you feeling physically tip-top.
  • Crime-fighting looks good on the CV (“Oh, you spent your summer in the States studying? I was saving the world from the evil Dr Ms Evil”).
  • Being a superhero adds to the mystery of your persona.

If that’s you sold, then you’ll be needing a few things to become SuperYou.

Necessary accoutrements for being a superhero

Killer outfit – possibly literally. Primary and bold colours make a big impression. As does black – she might not have been a goodie all the time, but Catwoman knew how to dress for a fight.

The legendary cape – To cape or not to cape? These bad boys look good when you run, but they can get caught on things and hinder you in a fight. Just remember – even though you’re wearing a cape, that doesn’t mean you can fly.

Secret alias – Don’t want all that fan mail overloading your inbox? Want to reduce the creep factor in your life? Best just to keep your identity secret and live the regular life while you can.

Smexxy Specs – Easiest way to hid your night-job when you’re working nine to five. But you must never take them off in case of discovery. Why, Miss Jones, you’re…you’re a superhero!

A sob story. Superman is the last of his kind, Batman’s parents died when he was young. You need some past pain to really fit the part. If you have to, take a past toe-stubbing incident and really simmer over it. Society must pay!

Finally… A cause. There is no point fighting for fighting’s sake – unless your cause truly is to beat up stuff, in which case ‘hero’ might not be the word we’re looking for. Maybe you just have a need to see the right thing happen? Maybe you want to make a point. See some of the real life examples below for potential causes to adopt.

And now… Superheroes… For real.

Think this is just a bit of comedy? There are countless global reports in these modern times of people becoming real superheroes. Minus the superpowers, it should be noted.

The World Super Hero Registry

If you visit the World Super Hero Registry you’ll discover a host of folks have registered themselves as real, bona fide superheroes, hitting the streets to battle crime.

Back in 2010, Black Arrow protected the UK as a crime fighter / environmentalist, standing for the rights of animals and the environment.

While she is retired, one can’t help but respect Terrifica. Her patrol area used to be New York, where she would walk the streets at night helping women to make sure they weren’t taken advantage of by men.

Armed with new knowledge, I’m going to tie a sheet around my neck and go kick some ass. This is V-Girl signing out.

New York’s Terrifica!