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A unicorn should either be the physical embodiment of rainbows and light or a grizzly horny thing with good PR that only unaccountably chills out in the presence of virgins. We’ve collected some of our favourite wrong unicorns. Damn you, internet.

1. Barbie Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

Barbie already gets the tiaras, the parties and the doll/TV/movie franchise. Now she wants to muscle in on unicorns as well? Jesus. This girl wants all the cake.

2. Tasty Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

Wrong. Everyone knows the magic is stored in the brain and horn, not the saddle.

3. Robot War Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

Unicorns make fantastic war horses – they’ve got chargeworthy spears on their heads and make warriors look boss. The problem is that this unicorn is carrying the wrong robot. Not even a robot – a cyborg. Why not lead the Terminator to battle instead? This unicorn has set its sights embarrassingly low.

4. Tupac Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

If Tupac as a unicorn leaping out of your flesh is wrong then we don’t wanna be right. Look how the ‘u’ in ‘outlaw’ looks like a little horseshoe. Sweet.

5. Bike Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

‘Horsey’ by Eungi Kim

Bike unicorn, you cannot ride yourself. You cannot ride yourself, little bike unicorn.

6. Naked Obama Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

Obama unicorn by Dan Lacey

For all we know this painting could be ultra right wing and racist and that would be the worst but we literally cannot tell what the f*ck is going on. The bear’s Russia, maybe? And the unicorn is… Atlantis? And it’s managed to pick the bear’s nose with its priapic horn that is also one hell of a sweet vulva? Hey Artist Person, it’s okay if you got Obama’s foot the wrong way round. It’s not like you were drawing from life. Right? …. Right?

7. Furry Unicorn

Wrong unicorn

There is nothing wrong with digging unicorn people, and digging them hard and proud. We are not into furry-bashing. However, it’s clear from this that unicorn keratin is rainbow-coloured, resulting in a rainbow mane and tail. Joyous emission does not contain keratin.

8. Startled Unicorn Mask

Wrong unicorn

What the hell is this? Unicorns are meant to be happy and cool and at one with themselves. Who wants to pay real money to look like a unicorn that is really ill at ease?

9. Samurai Unicorn

It’s like he doesn’t know exactly how a Samurai Unicorn should act. Which is fair; we don’t know, either.

Oh wait, the video didn’t migrate in the Mookychick website relaunch. It’s probably for the best.

10. Picard Passion

Wrong unicorn

It’s all about the shadow. This is why we can’t have nice things.

11. Right Unicorn


Source: Exterface

And, finally, a right unicorn. This unicorn is correct. The only thing wrong is that there’s only one of him. We love you, Pink Model Unicorn Man. You brighten our days in the ways that only a unicorn can.






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