25 Of The Best Steampunk Desktop Wallpapers

steampunk wallpapers

Steampunk desktop wallpapers can transport us to another world than the one in which we sit. Huzzah!If you have a PC or laptop, we strongly encourage you to peruse these 25 splendid steampunk desktop wallpapers. Please look at them with your eyes. Take the brass goggles off first.

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Steampunk Desktop Wallpapers: a guide

Arguably the most popular derivative of the various Cyberpunk movements is Steampunk: a future artisan world that still uses (and relies heavily upon) steam technology – all the while harking back to the Victorian era. In short, the aesthetics and endless artworks that have stemmed from this movement are mind-blowingly awesome and rich with imagination. Here are 25 of the coolest, sexiest, most alluring – oh, go on then, BEST desktop wallpapers incorporating the sublime world of Steampunk. In absolutely no order of preference. At least one of them features a stork. Surely no woman nor man could ask for more.

We may have missed a few, of course. Nostra culpa… but any artisan will know that true beauty may sometimes require at least one imperfection.

1. Cogs and Gears

Steampunk wallpapers

This basic but effective design is perfect for those new to Steampunk. It clearly shows the name of the genre with cogs and gears in the background. And a dirigible. And a quote we can’t quite put our finger on, even though it’s tucked away at the back of our memory…

2. Reflection

Steampunk wallpapers

The lone figure standing by the edge of a building is quite atmospheric, and we love the industrial backdrop up yonder.

3. Lone Adventurer

Steampunk wallpapers

A Dickensian fellow (who resembles Paul McCartney on close inspection) is equipped with what is indubitably a steam-powered jet pack on his back. Good man, that man.

4. War Toys

Steampunk wallpapers

A twentieth century implement of war; this Russian tank is interpreted in steam.

5. The Incredulous Flight

Steampunk wallpapers

A rather nicely anachronistic example of Steampunk here with a steam-powered plane – as majestic as it is essentially ridiculous. Much like bees and indeed elephants, this thing should not fly.

6. Desert Scene

Steampunk wallpapers

Another transport theme; this time a surreal boatyard and lighthouse explore a barren desert.

7. Shipyard

Steampunk wallpapers

An imaginative theme here, fully embracing the scope of nautical diversity.

8. Terminator: Steam Edition

Steampunk wallpapers

“Give me your… garments.” A steampunk terminator looks even more menacing than the original 1984 version.

9. Hey Boys

Steampunk wallpapers

This echoes the initial punk/Goth aspects of the steampunk genre with symbolic airships in the background… all the while incorporating elements of Manga.

10. Yellow Submarine

Steampunk wallpapers

A Nautilus-style submarine lurks around a post-apocalyptic sea bed. Is that a sea kraken eyeing it up? Or Great Cthulhu himself? No. Sea kraken, definitely.

11. Insect Steam

Steampunk wallpapers

A charming take on the movement, proving that anything can be given a touch of Steampunk. We’ve seen this with snails, too. We like steam-powered snails. Who doesn’t? Whether any Ladybirds were harmed or not is down to your discretion.

12. Lone Ranger

Steampunk wallpapers

A nomadic traveller astride a skeletal steampunk horse. Our favourite kind of traveller. Our favourite kind of horse.

13. Beyond The Clouds

Steampunk wallpapers

An airborne steampunk pirate ship travels gracefully through snow-capped mountains.

14. Gun-slinging Outlaw

Steampunk wallpapers

A bad-ass mother of a veteran cowboy, equipped with metal hand and gun at the ready.

15. Bold As Brass

Steampunk wallpapers

A giant steam-powered juggernaut of a locomotive awaiting departure. To be honest, we’re surprised we managed to list a whole 15 steampunk wallpapers before mentioning brass. Delayed anticipation, fair reader. Delayed anticipation.

16. Hot Wheels

Steampunk wallpapers

Sepia-toned image of a steam-powered racecar, with the racer and his rather elegantly attired girlfriend standing outside.

17. In For Repairs

Steampunk wallpapers

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi spaceship getting maintenance in a hanger. Weren’t we meant to be all owning these things in 2000AD? Oh, no, wait. That was jetpacks.

18. Wireless Technology

Steampunk wallpapers

An example of Steampunk in the real world: A golden modified laptop complete with typewriter-style keyboard. You’ll see similar beauties in our Top 10 Steampunk Gadgets.

19. Mad Scientist

Steampunk wallpapers

Maniacal Terry Gilliam-esque worker in his lab marvels at his latest steam-powered invention.

20. A Room With A View

Steampunk wallpapers

The title evokes Merchant Ivory films and Helena Bonham Carter wafting about superbly in white lace, but this steampunk wallpaper is more reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli movie – a metropolis scene complete with flying creatures and airships / dirigible.

21. Up, Up And Away

Steampunk wallpapers

A common theme with Steampunk – an airship is seen flying over the clouds with gondola attached by ropes; a hybrid of a yacht and plane.

22. Saturday Night In Metropolis

Steampunk wallpapers

Another futuristic metropolis world is infused with a Victorian past. Patrons enter a theatre on a raincast day.

23. Tribute to the Storks

Steampunk wallpapers

It is right to give tribute to storks. They expect it. They demand it. They may become a touch beaky if they don’t get it. This slightly more minimalist approach focuses on a rustic mechanical stork perched on a wire nest. It is, indeed, a tribute to storks. Perhaps a small, quiet, honest part of ourselves must ask the question: If not for storks, where would Steampunk be today?

24. Time

Steampunk wallpapers

This collage of Steampunk materials is perfect for anyone lucky enough to have a dual-screen setup. You lucky thing, you.

25. Steampunk Diagram

Steampunk wallpapers

If Leonardo Da Vinci had been alive in the 1800’s, his legendary diagrams and designs may have looked something like this.

This list of desktop steampunk wallpapers was kindly compiled by the talented and industrious gentlemen at PrinterInks.com.


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