The Rise of Alternative Weddings in Italy

The Rise of Alternative Weddings in Italy

Italian weddings are typically very conservative, but the idea of an alternative ceremony in line with your lifestyle is slowly being recognised.

Alternative weddings are still extremely rare in Italy, a country where classic ceremonies are held and old traditions are widely respected. This is even more true for southern Italy, where weddings can be very large, inclusive events with hundreds of guests. Having a bride dressed in a colour different from white or ivory could be enough for a wedding to be considered weird or alternative. Italian weddings rarely have a theme defined by a combination of more than two colours.

I asked a few people I know what they thought about alternative weddings in Italy:

Luca – Alternative weddings have always existed. People marry each other jumping with a parachute, underwater or at 3,000 metres above sea level. That last one would be considered alternative here in Italy – maybe not on the Andes or in Tibet.

Tania – I don’t know much about alternative weddings. Maybe they are far from my lifestyle, but I believe that if a person loves or is into something, then why can’t they make their wedding an occasion to live their passion? It’s not that different from some questionable choices that many traditional brides take.

Anna – Well, I see the wedding as a unique, very special event in a person’s life, so alternative weddings should be welcome! What’s important is that the couple should feel at ease to enjoy the most beautiful day in their lives. If their greatest wish is to dress up as no-one has ever done before and to offer a menu typical of the other side of the world… why not? I consider the couple’s centrality as absolute, so, in my opinion, they have the right to host any kind of wedding.

Country and vintage weddings are the current alternative favourite in Italy

Fortunately, recent years have seen a small but growing number of weddings that could be classed as ‘different’. Country and vintage tend to be the main themes chosen by modern couples, with countryside venues, short wedding dresses and more intimate receptions.

Truly alternative themed weddings are few and far between, but thanks to British and American infuences, they are receiving growing interest. That is why I decided to specialize in these kinds of events with Emozione Strani Eventi, to help the concept of alternative weddings in Italy grow. The way I see it, Italian geeks, otakus, steampunks and fantasy fans should know there is always the possibility to have a wedding day that genuinely reflects their life choices and interests.

For this purpose, the “StraniSposi” crew decided to take action and show the people in Milan that alternative weddings are both possibile and enjoyable.

StraniSposi occured on the first day of Milano Sposi, one of the biggest wedding expos in Italy, which every year hosts mostly very classic wedding firms, with very rare innovative propositions. We wished to show everyone that modern brides and grooms can have different tastes and dreams about their special day, closer to their passions and lifestyles.

You can see photos of the event here:

Or watch the official video on YouTube:


ORGANIZATION: Emozioni e Strani Eventi


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