There is no doubt – we are ladies, irresistible, intelligent, worth dying for and we can do anything… right? Life is the most wonderful thing there is, and it gives us the chance to thrive and… f*ck up. It puts us in the most unexpected situations, and what we decide do with those situations – the few minutes (or even less) that we take to think – can determine how we will think of ourselves for a heck of a long time.

We all need something… sometimes love, sometimes freedom. There are a bunch of people who can offer to make us feel loved or free. Now, how much are you willing to risk for a few moments of happiness? Would you risk hurting other people and yourself? … Is cheating worth it? You might be with someone who you like a lot (maybe even love) and constantly feel tempted to cheat, because you need something your sweetheart can’t give you. Or you might be with a guy who is… convenient. And feel tempted to cheat because you’re bored. Or you might be in an even worse situation… in love with two hot guys that rock your world…

To be honest, the only difference is the degree of pain it causes and how hard it is not to do it. I’m sorry to say it (trust me, I really am) but cheating is cheating.

First of all, cheating is morally wrong. Not neccessarily the act of cheating itself, but the fact that you are not being honest to your partner. I’m not trying to be hypocritical, and nor am I seriously suggesting that you go up to your boyfriend and say “Hi… Can I sleep with that hot guy over there?”. Because that would be pretty odd. If you know you are not the ‘one guy’ type of girl you should be in an open relationship – that way no one will be deceived or get hurt. Alternatively, just don’t cheat (yes, it’s easier said then done).

It’s not exactly about love, but about respect… no matter in what form, shape or colour, cheating can be hurtful to everyone involved. You don’t have to like or love your boyfriend all the time (emotions come and go and come back again) but it’s really not nice if you don’t respect him. It’s really important to have your conscience clean and know that nobody cried because of you.

To be honest, the main reason not to cheat has nothing to do with morals or hurting other people because boyfriends come and go and hot guys who just want to get in your pants come even more often. It’s a question of preserving your mental equilibrium. The only person who you will have to deal with forever, the person you’ll look in the mirror and see… is yourself. So if you think you can’t be proud of cheating, or would feel cheap, just don’t cheat, because the memory of it will be with you forever.

I’ve just pointed out things how I see them, but it’s up to you to decide what to do with your life. Replacing fidelity with cheating won’t ruin your life forever, but it could be a big deal for long enough to make you think “If I had done things differently…”