getting ready for a first date

getting ready for a first date

First dates can be the most daunting experiences for both chicks and dukes. So, to help you through those first date jitters, here are some dos and don’ts to guide you on your way.

Don’t: Panic! So you’re going to see if this guy’s actually worth your time? Relax and enjoy yourself. You’re not going to have to marry him if you turn up.

Do: Arrange the date in an area you’re familiar with, telling family or at the very least friends where you are going and what time you’re likely to be back. Make sure you know how to get there home safely. Safety first, girlies!

Don’t: Witter on about your ex. He’s an ex for a reason…

Do: Make an effort, asking him questions about himself – get to know the guy, find out what makes him tick! (but don’t interrogate the poor bloke, leave the lampshade at home…) and listen to what he says. (Unless he’s being particularly boring, in which case change the topic.)

Don’t: Expect him to pay. At least offer to go dutch.

Don’t: Be disappointed if he takes you up on that offer. Dating is particularly expensive for dudes!

Do: Pamper yourself. Part of the fun of first dates is getting ready for them. Plan what you’re going to wear (ask the guy where he’s taking you so you can wear suitable attire…) take a long bath and enjoy getting excited! This part is all about you and making yourself feel glam!

Do: Be yourself. He asked you out for a reason so go with it.

Don’t: Take it personally if he doesn’t arrange another date. He may be waiting for you to or you may not be what he’s looking for. Don’t take this personally, (easier said than done eh?) at least one of you spotted you’re not suited before spending valuable time and money on something which simply won’t work.

Do: Get excited! Part of the dating game is learning to enjoy yourself whilst on dates.

Don’t: Start pestering the guy the minute the date’s finished. Let him simmer for at least a day or two…

Do: Be gentle. If this guy’s not for you, tell him in the nicest way possible. You’d want him to be gentle with your heart and the dating game can be extremely rough.

Don’t: Although it’s insulting your intelligence saying so, it has to be said. Don’t meet someone from the internet.


Don’t start planning your wedding after an hour. First dates are a non committal way of testing the water to see what someone’s like. Its early days, so let’s not start buying those bridal magazines yet.