Love & little white lies

Love & little white lies

Little white lies continue to frolic in society, scheming to help lovers manipulate each other. Ooh, those naughty, naughty lies!

Liar, Liar! Many of us have been the victim of lies. Many of us have been the perpetrators. I’ve lied to ‘resolve’ a difficult situation (which can blow up in your face and make things worse) or to simply make myself sound cool. For whatever reason we spin our tales of deceit, we always think it’s okay because it’s us doing it. Lies affect you whether you are the victim or the one inflicting them on others…

About two months ago I became trapped by lies. Those evil lies held me captive! But I was a willing prisoner at the time. Let’s have a look at the inner workings of how a lie can escalate… especially when relationships are involved.

“Have you ever lied to me?” my then boyfriend whispered down the phone.

“No,” I said. At that time it was true. But a girl can get bored. As months passed with the same question being asked of me again and again, he seemed to be begging for a lie. He probably wasn’t – but the constant questioning had me on edge. Eventually he asked one time too many.

Have you ever lied to me?”

“Yes,” I replied, annoyed. “And several times, in fact.” Feeling hurt and needing to take revenge, he didn’t phone me and didn’t answer any of my calls. I tried to apologize time and time again for my seemingly little white lie but with no success.

After a few weeks a message arrived on my phone. He texted me to say he had been flirting with his ex-girlfriend in his two weeks of radio silece – and that they were getting back together.

After a week of utter misery I discovered that this was not so. He had only said that to get back at me. He had lied!

So you see, dear reader, lying can have serious implications on both the liar and the one being lied to. A small lie can turn around and bite you on the arse in the end…

The moral of this story is not to shake a finger in your face and tell you not to lie. Lying is inevitable for most human beings. It is only to remind you of the curly-wurly nature of lies and how they can trap us.

Lies promise an easy way out – but they usually make life so, so much more complicated.

As for me? I continue to live my life. I try to steer clear of little white lies and their empty promises. But, hey, I’m only human.