Your Soul Is In Charge. Place No Limits On The Limitless.

soul incense


Your soul is not a company that people can buy stocks in. It is a sole proprietorship. Your body houses your soul, but your soul is limitless.

There are limits set on everybody by media, and society in general. Limits on how you should act, dress and who you should love. These are placed within the restraints of gender, sexuality and even age.

As teenagers, we are placed with even more constraints.

  • We are too old to do this, but too young to do that.
  • They say that minds this young can’t truly love or understand what those older than us can.
  • We are expected to decide what we are going to do with the rest of our lives, but told that we could not possibly understand the world or love somebody with every ounce of our being.

How can we be expected to make heavy decisions, when we are constantly told that we aren’t old enough or smart enough to do anything on our own yet?

We allow our bodies to hold so much importance in our life. Our body image, and the public persona that people view, seems to preside over our own happiness. Being revered by many might bring a temporary sheen of joy, but that joy fades, and the only thing that we are left with is our soul.

A soul is what makes a dead body alive. A large assembly of organs team together to make a human body function, but without a soul, we would be nothing more than an assembly of parts, working together to stay on.

A soul is not a physical object, like the rest of our body… it is the embodiment of every feeling, action and reaction that we have ever experience. 

To say that somebody cannot understand or experience a genuine human feeling, based on their age or preference, is setting somebody within a box because of their body. A computer is futile unless it’s used, just as a car has no meaning if nobody is there to drive it. These items are not important in themselves, it’s how and why they are used that make them essential.

I see a human body much in the same way. It isn’t the body, but what is inside of the body. I wouldn’t let my car limit where I can travel, so why should I allow my body and the restraints that come with it, to limit where I allow my soul to travel and how I allow myself to feel?

No person’s opinions but your own should matter. No limits should be set on something that is meant to be limitless.

Every decision should be something that makes our lives better. Personas matter, and other people matter, but nothing is worth allowing yourself to remain unhappy, when there are ways for you to reach your own personal realisation. Yes, this is easier said than done, but I believe that it is the most important thing for us to strive for.

Your life is your own, and you own every piece of that.

Your soul is not a company that people can buy stocks in. It is a sole proprietorship.

It is your own, and nobody else can tell you what to do with it, based on your outward body. Regardless of your age, or any other piece of yourself, your soul is yours.

Our body works for our soul, but our soul is the one that should remain in charge.