Artist submissions – join our #ARThags collective!


Artists – we would love to not only see your work, but to feature it and share it with our audience. We want the world to delight in what you do, whether it is dark or light, painted or captured on film.

How to become an #ARThag

Simply head on over to our #ARThags submissions page. There, you will be offered a selection of questions to answer about yourself in the form of a self-penned email Q&A. We think this is important, as it means you can shine a light on your own art in your own words.

We ask only that when you email your interview answers to Mookychick, you include several artworks of your own creation that you really like, and that you include a short bio about yourself so readers can find out more.

#ARThags: Submit your work for a spotlight profile!

Featured #ARThag artists

Here are just some of the fabulous artists who have been featured in this collective project:

It’s time to add your name to the list!