Lit Mags on Twitter – A Poetry A-Z

lit mags on twitter butterfly

Greetings, dear hearts! This poem will proceed
to list an A-Z of #litmags all poets and readers need.
Love them, read them, share and promote…

An A-Z of Twitter-friendly Lit Mags

@ArkanaMag and @awkwrdmermaid
are celebratory lit mags, authentic and unafraid.

@BroadwayGhost and @BarrenMagazine
honour all life, belying their names. #FF #litmags (thread)

@CottonXenomorph, @CeaseCowsMag, @CCMPress and @cauldronanth2
They’re a pleasure to submit to, and truly there for you!

@DirtyPawsPoetry and @DrunkMonkeysWeb
give voice to the silenced soul residing in your head.

@EntropyMag and @EphemereReview
offer dream logs and micro-presses to submit to.

@formercactus requires a stanza all its own.
It’s published its last issue; we give thanks for everything it’s done.

@glass_poetry‘s profits go to social justice orgs…
and @gingercollect‘s wyrdness will give you pause.

@Heroin_Chic_Mag is a collective work of art…
… and @IgnotaBooks awaken magickal stirrings in the heart.

@JellyfishReview writhes and revels in flash fiction,
while @KissingDPoetry puts the dynamite into kissing.

@LunaLunaMag is our moon, our stars, our ever-beating heart!
And @LoveisL08414683 is more than numbers. It’s an #LGBTQIA antho. It is love. It is art.

Oh, @moonchildmag! A haven for creatives, it gives succour to all!
And @mookychick (that’s us) will respond to your call.

@newreadermag, @okaydonkeymag and @OcculumJournal
range from general to fun to gorgeously liminal.

@pigeonholes is brave. Bold. Weird.
the power of @pvssymagic helps one banish fear.

@QueenMobs is anarchic glitter and avant garde…
while @RhythmBonesLit is an indie press you’ll fall for. Hard.

@ShimmerStories and @semicolonlit
are a deep moonlit pool. Lights glimmer within it.

@thebrownorient is legion, a multitude
of incredible voices who need to be heard.

@tinyspoonlitmag may be small, but it is fierce!
@Unrest_mag‘s works contain a universe.

Very few lit mags begin with V…
but the lovely @VoicesProjPoets publish personal stories.

@WatermelaninMag is by PoC, for PoC.
It manifests the future we need to see.

@xraylitmag is dark. Strange. Clean. Pure.
@yespoetry are heroes – we want more.

@zoomorphic seeks works with an animal focus…
and all #litmags have their own sparks of genius.

Too many to mention, but one must endeavour
to promote these #litmags so they’ll run forever.

Submit to your #litmags! Support them too!
Bookmark this list so you’ll know who to reach out to!

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