Mookfest 2013

Mookfest 2013

A photo feature in which we celebrate the first inaugural Mookychick Convention… Mookfest 2013

Around 30 mooks attended the first-ever large scale Mooky Meet, set in the heart of Camden Town (our spiritual homeland, clearly). We’ve held so many of these before in mini-form, but never have so many mooks gathered in one place for a whole day of whimsy, activism and cake. Our thanks to all those good people who made the wonderfulness happen.

Mookfest 2013 – Bums and Baked Goods. Startled Horse knows it. You know it.

So… What have we been doing at Mookfest?

We’ve been sharing the love.

We’ve been doing tea duelling and snail racing and stuff. Lies, we never got round to it, but we are still fine hot badgers with beautiful plans. Next time!

We’ve been making some signs. Health and safety, yo.

We’ve been wearing some bowler hats. Why u no wear bowler hats?

We’ve been doing some hugging. Quite a lot of that. We black belt huggers.

We’ve been doing bubbles. Always bubbles. Lovely, lovely bubbles.

We’ve been talking about Big Things. You know, feminism today. All the big.

We’ve been talking to mythological big game hunters.

We’ve been doing a raffle. Squiggly shapes instead of numbers. The only way.

We’ve been… er…

We’ve been fag-ash Lils classy in the rain.

We’ve been wearing some shoes.

We’ve been wearing some tights. OH YEAH, WE’VE BEEN WEARING SOME TIGHTS.

We’ve been wearing our special pants.

We’ve been… who ate all the cake? WE ATE ALL THE CAKE. BUMZ AND BAKED GOODZ FOR ALL.

We’ve been investimagating.

We’ve been doing some pretty pretty Cult Party kei.

We’ve been doing the most beautifully coloured hair in the world.

We’ve been winning all the best things.

We are the painters of Camden Town. We will paint your mind.

We’ve been gathered here today. Photo blurred by love.

We’ve been getting distracted on the way home. Good night, Mooks! Good night!

Mookfest 2013: Bums and Baked Goods For All.