20 Bjork tweets to remind us just how much we love her

Bjork Vulnicura

Bjork is so special to us, she is our very favourite kukl. Her Twitter feed is full of wonder, so here are 20 Bjork tweets to make your heart big with love!

Bjork = philosophy|music|style. When one evolves, the others do too. And ‘evolve’ is the right word because Bjork is so utterly aware of herself as a natural lifeform. Back when we were baby mooks we made Bjork our icon of the week, and she is still always and forever more our great love and our very favourite kukl*. Her tweets are so full of wonder and exploration, we’ve shared 20 that make us love her all over again!

1. Of course Bjork knows when the equinox is. Such a nature child.

2. The album Vulnicura documents the end of a relationship – so raw – but Bjork has so much warmthness to give.

3. Our priestess! And yet she needs no title. She simply is.

4. Bjork the protector stands up for the wildnerness and boosts the signal always and forever…

5. Bjork stands up for ALL the wilderness. As above so below.

6. Bjork lives in the real world. She knows.

7. Of course Bjork wants to reach out and talk to philosophers. She is living our dream.

8. Whenever Bjork the explorer heads into the studio or out of the door we yearn to know what she will bring back from her travels this time.

9. Two words – WITCH. QUEEN.

10. If Bjork was a Tarot card, which would she be though? Bjork melds art and science like the ultimate alchemist. So maybe ‘Art’ in the Thoth deck by Lady Frieda Harris would be a good fit. It’s all about the structures…

11. The Biophilia project got factored into Nordic education as a means to boost interest in science through music technology. That’s a lesson we’d love to attend.

12. Hell yeah, she supports other creatives.

13. It’s all so quiet…

14. She makes us feel like anything is possible.

15. We’re feeling this one.

16. Yep.

17. Bjork means business.

18. Of course we had to talk about her style at some point! Ursula from Disney’s Little Mermaid needs to be re-envisioned like this.

19. If you get trapped in a rock that grows around you for the next three centuries, Bjork will get you out. That’s how liberating she is.

20. Bjork is beyond brand. She is pure artist. That’s why her name is on our lips today and every day.

*’Kukl’ means ‘witch’ in Icelandic.

Bjork’s album Vulnicura is available on Amazon and all good places.