Listening to Music and Reading At The Same Time – A Crime?

Listening to Music and Reading At The Same Time – A Crime?

Must music and reading fight for attention? Can we read and listen at the same time?

It’s a contentious topic, for sure. Can you really listen to music and read at the same time? Personally, I love sticking on the radio or listening to a smooth playlist while I’m reading, yet others have expressed disdain at the idea. In fact, The Guardian ran an article on the matter, with some Twitter users’ opinions firmly addressing their despair at those who read and listen simultaneously. One user called the prospect a ‘multi-tasking challenge’ and another preferred to listen to the ‘purring of the fridge’.

Granted, I don’t think I could listen to heavy metal or rock while I’m deep in a short story or churning my way through a novel. Yet I find it hard to understand how someone could file listening to music and reading at the same time as a form of thought crime.

Music can take reading in a certain direction, but that need not spoil the words or the visions in your head. After all, the author always knew your vision of their work would be personal to you – it could never be the same as their’s.

If you are a kindred spirit and enjoy having background music while you read, what music are you drawn to? Here are a few songs which may suit both your music and literary tastes:

Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones

This smooth, sultry song is a perfect accompaniment to flicking through those pages in the breeze. Maybe you could strut along the beach just like Norah does, with some fabulous poetry in hand.

Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever

Donna Lewis’ hit is great for reading on long journeys. Personally, I love sticking on this song while I’m on the train back to university, cruising through my notes and seminar reading.

Intro – The xx

More on the edgy side, this is a tune to get you thinking deep about all things fictitious or otherwise…

Jamming – Bob Marley and The Wailers

Whilst this song may make you want to get up and have a boogie, it’s actually pretty swell to lie in the sun and soak up some of that literary goodness!

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