Electro pop: E M I L I E has Eyes for You

Emilie video

E M I L I E refines electro pop with lyrics about suppression and the atmosphere of an urban Twin Peaks in her debut track Eyes for You.

Eyes For You is now officially released and can be purchased/streamed on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal by searching E M I L I E – Eyes For You.

Suppression. You may well know that feeling. To get the message again and again that you can’t…

E M I L I E is in control. She tackles themes of limitation and breakthrough with cool grace in dark melodies. Her defined sound (she’s on synth as well as vocals) carves its own brooding space in electro, and her beautiful voice is most surely a diamond-tipped record needle dipped into a vinyl groove.

And it’s wonderful how the liquid quality of her debut track Eyes for You has an atmospheric trace of Twin Peaks about it, too. (Well, maybe if Twin Peaks was set in an urban space like Edinburgh, not a misty lumber mill town in the Pacific Northwest.)

Recently awarded Artist of the Week by Scotland on Sunday, E M I L I E does frequent live gigs and is spreading her UK wings, so keep an eye on your local listings. In fact, you can get tickets for her album launch in Edinburgh if you’re free and local on 17th September.

Her debut EP I See You in the Darkness is out on 16th September 2016 via Stellar Recordings.

And she does see us in the darkness, you know. E M I L I E is really, really good.

Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her goodness. Thank you for your lovely music, E M I L I E, and power on.

Eyes for you

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