how to start a journal

How to start a journal – and keep it going

How to start a journal as a diary, creative journey or self-care tool? How to keep it going with the same focus once you've started?

how to make a night garden

How to make a night garden that comes alive under starlight

How to make a night garden - create a starlit playground of sweet scents, pale plants and creatures of the night!

job hunting self care tips

Job hunting self care tips for being kind to yourself

These job hunting self care tips may help you find ways to be kind to yourself when looking for work, because it's hard enough.

chicken katsu strips recipe

This chicken katsu strips recipe will make you kat-su happy

Enjoy this chicken katsu strips recipe - best served at dinner, in your lunchbox or on an anime night. There's a vegan aubergine option too!


How to become a tattoo artist. Let your art blossom into a career

Want to become a tattoo artist? Transform art into your life's work! Learn more about the training, salary, perks and challenges of a tattooing career.

adult colouring

How colouring helped to make me a better writer

Colouring helped writer Stephanie treat her creative muse the way the ancient Romans did...


18 Selling on Etsy tips

Selling on Etsy tips and tricks to help you set up your store in the right way when it comes to tax, marketing and more...

DIY perfume

How to make your own DIY perfume from scratch

How to make your own natural DIY perfume - it's easy and inexpensive, and gives you a scent shared by no-one else. Get crafting.

felt crafting tutorials raccoon doll

Felt Crafting Tutorials: How to Make a Cute Raccoon Doll

Felt crafting tutorials: How to make a cute raccoon felt doll.

Alternative fashion model Roswell Ivory

How to become an alternative model – expert tips

How to become an alternative model? See expert tips from successful models who have been there, done the front cover of .Alt Fashion Magazine...


Job hunting tips for tattoos, piercings and dyed hairstyles

Job hunting tips for getting paid work while keeping your tattoos, piercings and spirit.

Carla Valentine

How to become a Mortuary Technician – with Carla Valentine

Carla wanted to work in a mortuary ever since she was a little girl. UK Pathologists prefer not to call it a morgue...


Jason Webley interview: How to become an accordion player

Cult leader and accordion player Jason Webley tells us how he got into busking and beyond...

makeup artist

How to become an alternative makeup artist

See how to become an alternative makeup artist from scratch with professional expert tips on building your kit, networking and more.