Interesting Hobbies

how to start a journal

How to start a journal – and keep it going

How to start a journal as a diary, creative journey or self-care tool? How to keep it going with the same focus once you've started?

adult colouring

How colouring helped to make me a better writer

Colouring helped writer Stephanie treat her creative muse the way the ancient Romans did...


How I learned to love cryptic crosswords

Discover the world of doing and solving cryptic crosswords with the fiendishly brilliant Maitresse...


Sing your HEART out with indie women’s choirs

Fancy joining an indie women's choir? SING IT!


The best colouring books for adults and what to look out for

Colouring books for adults - creativity with no strings attached. Which ones do people like best, and why?

comic opera

How to enjoy opera as a beginner

Our guide to opera will teach you how to enjoy opera - alternative style!

fire walking hobby

Fire walking – the hobby that’s mind over matter

Fire walking is a hobby that encourages you to conquer fear with mind over matter. You've got this.

how to keep pet rats

How to keep pet rats – 10 tips from a ratty lover!

Fancy something eclectic? Here's a guide to all things ratty, from horrible histories (rat-baiting and fancy rats in ribbons and Queen Victoria, oh my!) to how to look after one.

cosplay poison ivy

Cosplay costumes – DOs and DON’Ts

Looking for fresh ideas for cosplay costumes? Check out these suggestions from a regular cosplayer.


Interesting hobbies – could you be a flaneur without knowing it?

Interesting hobbies: Explore street photography and psychogeography as a flaneur.


Floriography – send messages using the Victorian language of flowers

Send coded messages like the Victorians using floriography in a nosegay or tussie-mussie. Here's how...


Unusual hobbies – how to be a taphophile

Do you take an interest in epitaphs, tombstone rubbings, or just spending time (respectfully) in cemeteries? That's being a taphophile...

aerial hoop

Combine fitness and circus skills with aerial hoop

Looking for interesting fitness routines? With aerial hoop you'll combine circus skills with core body strength!


8 Alternative Flower Arrangement Ideas

Flower arrangement lives and breathes. Discover nimble fingers and explore living art with 8 flower arrangements on the flip side...