Love and Life

love breakup

Life lessons I learned from a break up

5 Life lessons learned from a relationship P.S. Malcolm doesn't regret (the magic of love!) but won't repeat (unhealthy choices).

confidence vs courage

Sometimes it’s not confidence, it’s courage.

Confidence vs courage - what's the difference? It took courage for Rosie to do a TEDx talk, and courage is a challenge for us all.

we love each other always now

We love each other always now

Leah's grandma Ivy would felt-tip random messages in magazines. Ivy and grandpa Ernie died within days of each other, together till the end...


The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

12 heartfelt reasons why sad pizzas feel sad and cry bitter caper tears. Much woe.

alternative wedding stress

Alternative wedding stress? Do it your way

Alternative wedding stress? Stop worrying about the wow factor. Put your day first, not the wedding theme...

adult humour child suitability

A Song of Adult Humour and Child Suitability

You know, that thing where adults use kids to carry out their adult humour messages...


Why Youtubers aren’t the worst teen role models ever

After all, it's very reassuring to see a teen being honest and so comfortable with themselves...


Wait, what even IS the female version of avuncular?

Avuncular basically means 'like an uncle', and if it was a job you'd do it for free. But what if you're a woman?

Desserts at the Metaphor Cafe!

Desserts at the Metaphor Cafe!

What's your flavour? When we talk about 'vanilla' we don't mean ice-cream...

bad university experience

Can a Bad University Experience Produce a New You?

Pawan's University Dream didn't quite work out as planned. Can you turn a bad uni experience around?

tips for starting university

My tips for starting university – from a first year veteran!

My tips on starting university include choosing/changing courses and more... from personal experience.

Still In Love With Love

Still In Love With Love

4 Ways to rethink fairy tales... because why swear off romantic love forever (after)?

The Rise of Alternative Weddings in Italy

The Rise of Alternative Weddings in Italy

Italian weddings are typically very conservative, but the idea of an alternative ceremony in line with your lifestyle is slowly being recognised.

Why Cosy, Beautiful Autumn Doesn't Suck.

Why Cosy, Beautiful Autumn Doesn’t Suck.

Autumn is coming... you can smell the change in the air. Cinnamon on lattes. Cinnamon on porridge. Cinnamon on cinnamon. Approved.