Love and Life

kitchen witch

I’m a witch. A feminist. A housewife. It all takes work.

You know when you've been fuckzoned

You know when you’ve been fuckzoned

boredom routine

Doing so much yet so little: confined in routine’s cage

living on a houseboat interior

Living on a houseboat – why I took the plunge as a young woman


Lack of pampering doesn’t have to mean self-neglect

love breakup

The most important life lessons I learned from a break up

confidence vs courage

Sometimes it’s not confidence, it’s courage.

we love each other always now

Dealing with bereavement – we love each other always now

autumn cosy

5 Reasons To Love Autumn Deep Down In Your Very Bones


The unbearable lightness of being a pizza

alternative wedding stress

Alternative wedding stress? Do it your way

adult humour child suitability

A Song of Adult Humour and Child Suitability