5 Pure Perks Of Being An Introvert (Or Having One In Your Life)

introvert perks

Here are five reasons why being an introvert isn’t as bad as some people might think. Treasure the introvert in your life – even if it’s you!

Everyone seems to gravitate to the idea that being introverted is a bad thing. Generally, introverts aren’t naturally sociable 24/7. They’re often (but not always) quiet, and prefer being alone. Extroverts seem to have it easy in comparison; they get along with most people, have more confidence, and come across as friendlier (even though extroverts can also feel shy).

There are actually some advantages to having a more introverted personality. Introverts make up around a third of the entire population, and show that you don’t always have to be loud or outgoing in order to be an interesting person.

Here are a few reasons being an introvert can be a good thing – and why it’s great to treasure the introverts in your life.

Introverts think things through.

One of the reasons why introverts are often seen as quiet is because they choose their words carefully. Extroverts may spill out every thought that pops into their head,  while introverts typically prefer to speak when they feel they actually have something to contribute to the conversation. This is also why introverts often express their thoughts better in writing than with spoken words.

Introverts are more independent.

Introverts are low maintenance. They don’t mind being alone, and tend to have good levels of concentration. Extroverts’ personalities generally thrive on using energy and excitement, whereas introverts are better at conserving energy. Introverted people don’t necessarily dislike being social; they feel perfectly content with being left to their own devices.

Introverts can be gloriously creative!

Introverts often have an abundance of imagination and creativity. Extroverts can be creative too, naturally! But introverts tend to focus and work on ideas for a lot longer. Part of this is just down to the fact that they can get on with things on their own and contemplate thoughts with less need for conversation to fuel them. Some of the greatest creative minds are considered to be introverts, or identify that way – like J.K. Rowling, Audrey Hepburn , Albert Einstein and Dr. Seuss.

Introverts are very observant.

With all that time spent on their own or listening to conversations, introverts tend to notice a lot more around them. As they generally think about things deeply, they are skilled at spotting potential risks and foreseeing outcomes of situations. Typically, introverts tend to appreciate their surroundings more, simply because they are more likely to take a minute to observe things around them.

Introverts make GOOD friends.

One vital thing to remember: if an introvert is friends with you, they must like you a lot.

Most introverts aren’t drawn to being social or around people. If they feel comfortable around you, then it’s safe to assume that your friendship must mean a lot to them. Generally, introverts have fewer but closer and more meaningful friendships.

Most people aren’t wholly an introvert or an extrovert. People are a lot more complex than that, and in fact, most of us are a mixture of both – what’s known as an ambivert. And being an introvert doesn’t always mean not liking people, or wanting be left alone, just like extroverts can sometimes get shy or awkward. It’s more to do with the kind of situation or environment you thrive in best, and how you draw in energy.

One thing’s set in stone – there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a more introverted personality type. In some cases, it can even come in handy.

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