Submission Guidelines


Since 2005 @mookychick has had over 500 regular contributors. IMMENSE. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Just email your article (or article idea) to Include your preferred author name, paragraph of bio in the third person, a personal link if desired and a profile pic. You’ll get your very own author page!

Some content ideas? We love:

  • How-to guides
  • Listicles (you know, ‘top 10′ lists)
  • Tutorials (e.g. arts and crafts, beauty and fashion)
  • Personal thoughts and experiences
  • Reviews (books, video and board games, music, comics, films)
  • FICTION and poetry (1,000 words max and we love everything from YA to feminism, so send us your unpublished bits… and please be sure to give it a title!)
  • … and that’s just some of the stuff we like. SURPRISE US!

Mookychick is built by the people who read it – THAT MEANS YOU. We  love hearing and sharing what you have to say! We are dedicated to a mission of spreading inclusivity, knowledge, love and joy… so that’s the sort of content we love to share. Take a look around the site and you’ll see what we mean.

Feminist, diversity, activist and LGBTQIA+ stuff? Odd and quirky stuff? Arts and crafts stuff? Fashion, beauty and health stuff? Whatever you’ve got, a big thank you for sharing it with us and all the other mooks out there!

Contributions can aim for around 600 words but just write until you’ve said what you need to say. We’re really happy when the content can appeal to all ages – that includes 14 year olds and younger mooks as well as older ones! Sadly we can only take contributions that haven’t been published anywhere else, not even on your beautiful blog. Now for the painful bit. We can’t pay for contributions. We’re not-for-profit and any money we make is put back into keeping this site running.  But your words could make a difference to someone else’s life. And we’ll definitely help promote you and build your portfolio.

Lastly, our contributors come in all genders (we welcome trans perspectives). In a better world we wouldn’t have to say it, but we just want to make that clear.

Thank you again for making Mookychick happen. You rock.