How to grow out short hairstyles

short hairstyle


How to grow out short hairstyles? Don’t worry – here are some great style tips on how to cope if you don’t like your new Louise Brooks bob, A-line, Asymmetrical, Pixie haircut, Mullet or V-fringe and want to grow your short hair long again.

You’re ready for something new. Forget long hair – you’re ready for a funky short hairstyle. You take the plunge and ask for a sharp, Louise Brooks-esque vintage bob. As you watch your tresses drop to the floor, you realise how weird it feels without the weight of all that long hair on your neck. You look in the mirror at your new, modern short hair… and you hate it.

For many of us, our hair is our crowning glory, and as much as we hate to admit it, bad hairstyles can be mortifying. What can you do in a hair emergency to rescue your short hair?

Give your new short hairstyle time. Play with styling it in different ways.

Your new hairstyle may not be as bad as you think. Often, and especially when going from super long to super short hair, a dramatic new hair style can be quite shocking. Some hairdressers even insist on cutting your hair gradually shorter over a couple of months rather than chopping it off all in one go to give you time to adjust.

Wait until you have at least tried washing and styling your new short hairstyle yourself before you do anything drastic. Take it as a bad hair day and give your new hairstyle a chance. Your short hair may look genuinely modern / funky / beautiful / vintage once you’ve played with it a bit and learned all the new and different ways in which it can be styled. You never know – if you have enough of it to the front, you could even work a quiff.

Go back to the hairdresser for a different style.

If you really don’t like your first hairdresser and think they butchered your hair, go to one who’s experienced at fixing other people’s mistakes. It does seem a bit redundant getting your hair cut again when you regret the last short hairstyle, but sometimes something as simple as putting a few layers in can make your new hair look a whole lot better.

If you normally trust your hairdresser but you just don’t like your new short hair, go back and explain what you don’t like about the short hair. Let them fix it. Hairdressers want you to be happy with your hairstyle, so they will be eager to please and fix it for free.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Short hair styles love it!

If you still hate your short hair, there are plenty of things you can do to hide it or make it look better. Try using headscarfs and bandanas for a hippie / underground New Yoik funky look. Experiment with suave and sexy hats and make your own fascinator. Treat yourself to cute and outlandish hairclips to take the attention off your hair, or clip an unflattering or annoying fringe away from your face. Hair bands can make a huge difference and really work with short hair styles for a charming pixie look.

Dye your short hair – and change it even more!

Sometimes a new colour is the only thing that can cheer you up, so experiment with some funky hair colours (see our guide to choosing alternative hair colours. If you have short hair, it’s a great excuse to go lighter (you can even dye your hair white blonde) or try unnatural colours. After all, with a short hairstyle you don’t need to worry about stringy or over-processed damaged hair! Short hair is in good condition, easier to bleach and will take less dye than long hair. Go wild and do things with your hair that you wouldn’t have done before.

What’s more, if you dye short hair an extreme colour and still don’t like it – say, you dye black hair blonde, then blue, then decide it’s a mistake – it won’t take long for the dye job to grow out and for you to have your hair cut to the same short length as before.

Hair growth products don’t really work

There are no magical ways to grow short hair back (I’ve have heard pregnancy leads to fast-growing hair but that’s probably not a good idea).

Never fear, though. There IS an element of truth to these money spinners. Biotin is a vitamin that, taken daily, produces healthier hair and nails. Whilst your hair doesn’t grow faster per se, it does get stronger, so you may well find your hair seems to be grower faster than usual.

Does trimming short hair make it grow faster?

No. Don’t listen to the hairdresser’s blatant lies that trimming your hair will make it grow faster. Trimming will only make it shorter and remove split ends, and the cynical part of me says that they spin you this line so you’ll come back and pay more money.

That said, if you do get a lot of split ends, it is definitely worth having your hair trimmed before the hair can break off entirely – but this is something you can do yourself or with the help of a friend.

Trimmed hair tends to be in better condition as the natural hair oils have less far to go to reach the ends of your hair from the roots – so, if anything, trimming your short hair can keep it stronger and therefore potentially aid growth, just like Biotin.

Pamper your short hair with hair treatments.

Avoid blow drying, straighteners, curling tongs and backcombing. If you just can’t live without these things, use heat defence spray and use your styling tools sparingly. Be gentle with your hair when combing and tying it back, even if it’s short hair, and use a hair conditioner to keep it in good condition.

Camouflage unwanted short hair with fake hairfalls, hair extensions and wigs

Hairfalls are a great way of giving instant long hair, and different colours and styles can keep you entertained whilst you’re growing out your short hairstyle.

If you want a long hair effect that’s more casual, consider hair extensions that blend in with your own short hair. Yes, they’re expensive. However, if you’re truly upset about your new haircut it may be worth it in the long run.

Wigs are also a good alternative. There are plenty of good quality, well priced synthetic alternative wigs out there that look like real hair. Take your new short hair as an opportunity to try a new hair colour or style without the hassle of dye.

As your hair grows longer (enough to fit into a ponytail stub will do), you can also use fake ponytails and buns that clip or tie on to your own hair. Get the colour match spot on and no one will ever notice it’s not your real hair.

Remember… Hair grows. Time is your best friend if you want to grow out short hair.

As someone who has had an a-line, asymmetrical, fashion mullet, v-fringe and shaved nape, I am well-versed in the art of growing out difficult hairstyles.

Leave your hair to grow out, get a restyle whenever you get the dreaded ‘mushroom head’ syndrome, and keep your hair as healthy as possible.

You’ll get your short hair styles the way you want them in no time, and at the end of the day… It’s only hair.