Climate change is real – wake up world, America, Trump.

climate change is real


Palm oil is a key contributor to climate change and it’s all very real. We need to take steps and put the world first ahead of self-interest.

So much of what we do – traveling by plane, train, car, boat, building our cities, producing our food – releases CO2 into the atmosphere. And this CO2, it causes climate change. Ice caps will – do – melt. Sea levels will – do – rise. Anticipate extreme flooding, devastating storms, wildfires, habitat destruction, droughts. It could be the trailer for a science- fiction film, except this is happening.

It is happening right now.

We are sleeping through this issue while we still have the resources to stitch up the wounds. Every second we wait for the alarm to wake us, for the sun to rise and shed further light on the issue, is a second wasted.

Are we too late?

Consider this – if we continue this way, by 2040 you will be able to say, “Let’s sail over the North Pole this summer” (via the Before the Flood documentary).

Why is climate change happening?

Palm oil. It’s in your lipstick, margarine, detergent, crisps, shampoo, soup.  But know that areas of rainforest, especially those in Eastern Asia, are burned to produce land to manufacture this substance. We purge the land with flames and all manner of wildlife must flee. This shameful action destroys habitats while releasing a deplorable volume of carbon dioxide; Indonesia’s deforestation fires emit more than Germany’s annual CO2 emissions in a mere three weeks.

Closer to home, your weekly groceries can contribute to climate change. In the production of just 1 lb of beef, we emit 19lbs of CO2. That’s more carbon dioxide than burning a gallon of gasoline. 60% of the world’s agricultural land is grazing land; what you put in your mouth has an impact on our planet.

But climate change doesn’t just affect our planet; it affects our people. A global temperature increase of 2 ° C would cause the submersion of the major Indian cities Mumbai and Chennai. This would lead to the displacement of seven million people, according to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research. The increase in natural disasters caused by global warming is also predicted to depress India’s production of major crops by 40%; this would decrease India’s GPD by 9%.

Consider the devastation to a country estimated to home one-third of our Earth’s poor.

Can you make a difference?

There are things you can do with your weekly shop. Why don’t you read package labels to check for palm oil? Why don’t you reduce your beef consumption? Switch to chicken or meat-free protein? You can make a difference by changing that light bulb to a more energy efficient one.

Your act of compassion could be as painless and effortless as switching off that light when you leave the room – and it’ll cut your bills too.

Be that as it may, this is not enough.

Wake up, world. Wake up, America. Put the world first, Trump.

Arrogance in the face of this issue has led to a disaster far beyond restoration via public action.

Change cannot occur when a third of American congress denies the existence of climate change, blocking any desperately needed bills.

Change will not occur when the USA’s president elect denies the existence of climate change.

Give people the facts and you empower the people. Spread awarenes. Open the eyes of your friends and family. Ensure the leaders of our countries make decisions that will benefit our planet.

Check out National Geographic’s 14 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and sign the Put A Price On It petition to put a tax on carbon, as this will reduce its usage.

Wake up America…