Who Is the Daily Mail Hating On This Time?

Who Is the Daily Mail Hating On This Time?

Will it be single mothers? Immigrants? LGBT? The NHS? Scroll down the photos and see…

So I saw this folded August 24th copy of the Daily Fear Mail and idly wondered to myself who they’d be hating on this time. The NHS? No, wait… Immigrants, right? It’s nearly always immigrants.

Scroll down for the not-very-surprising answer…

Stephen Glover LGBT

Stephen Glover LGBT


Except it’s about as surprising as a lady were-rabbit leaping out of a suspiciously high and inedible-looking cake. Unfortunately, with the Daily Mail it’s always the immigrants, anyone on social support, the National Health Service, LGBT. It’s just a question of which group they’ll end up flinging poo at this time round.

In deference to my cherished parent who does not normally read the Daily Mail in any shape or form, they were tricked by the nutritional supplement. They fought the temptation, but the urge for nutritional information was too strong.

And that’s how the Daily Mail gets us all, in the end. The nutritional supplements and the compilation CDs. Don’t fall for their tenderly whispered promises of fine tunes and supersweet health. STAY STRONG, PEOPLE.

Also, I think the word you’re looking for there is “support”, Mr. Glover. Not “promote”, because, funnily enough, what all but the most specialised schools promote isn’t any kind of lifestyle, but education. “Support”.

Yes. Support. That thing that the Daily Mail has traditionally been a bit lacking in.