You’ve Been Friendzoned

You've Been Friendzoned

Two lovely brave guys, Nice Guy and Like a Brother, voice their feelings about the purgatory of the friendzone.

Countless memes are popping up expressing the frustrated views of nice guys trapped ‘in the friendzone’. These blokes feel constantly overlooked by the women they adore as they pursue the eternal bad boy who has always charmed them. Two brave men speak up from the purgatory that is ‘the friendzone’.

Let’s talk about friendzoning…

What does the term friendzoned mean to you?

Nice guy: To me ‘friendzoned’ is when a girl just won’t see you as more than a friend! No matter how hard you try, you will always be a friend, nothing more. You will see her getting ridiculous boyfriends; one after another and then breaking up with them, saying how they would love to have a boyfriend like you, but NOT you. That is what friendzoned means to me.

Like a Brother: Io be honest I’d never even heard the term before but I imagine it’s a term used to describe when a woman you’re romantically attracted to only wants a friendship. The gender is nonspecific and applies to all, of course.

Do you feel that girls would prefer you if you were a bad boy/arsehole/not friendly?

Nice guy: You know, sometimes it does feel like that! I mean, I am really, really nice to all the girls I know; some even go as far as saying how I am one of the nicest blokes they have ever met. Yet they will never go out with me because, to them, the bad boys have a certain charm that we don’t. In other words, we are boring for being too nice -_-

Like a Brother: There are some girls who give off that impression so I suppose it depends on the woman.

Would you consider acting up to impress a girl?

Like a Brother: Never deliberately or consciously, no. If that meant acting cruel or mean beyond my usual nature, no.

Nice guy: I can only say this about myself, don’t know what other boys will say but, no. I won’t. I would rather a girl likes me for who I am: for real. Not because I am some arsehole pretending to be the biggest twat in the world just because she will like it!

Would you consider telling a girl who had friendzoned you your true feelings?

Like a Brother: Possibly. Depending on the situation.

Nice guy: Depends. If she is single like for quite some time, then I definitely would. If she came out of a bad break-up, I would be there for her to support her. But when the time comes… I would tell her my true feelings.

Do you think that a lot of girls are choosing boys that aren’t right for them?

Nice guy: Hell yeah! I can point out like a hundred girls who are choosing all kinds of dickheads for their boyfriends, then bitching about them saying how they wish they could get a nice boyfriend and stuff. HELLO, nice boys are closer to you than you think; you just have to look.

Like a Brother: I can’t say a lot with any of degree of certainty, as that would require me to know the majority of women on Earth. However, I have known women who do.

Do you think that girls are describing you when they say they want ‘a nice boy etc.’ but are ignoring you even when you’re right by their side?

Nice guy: Its kinda hard to answer. Only they can tell what kind of ‘nice boys’ they are asking for. They also call us nice but maybe we are not nice enough for them. They want fictional characters like those guys from Twilight as their boyfriends. They are not real and you are not gonna get boyfriends like that in real life.

Like a Brother: I’m not saying it is frequently the case or true, especially of all women, but it has happened with me.

What advice would you give to a guy who was being friendzoned by a woman he loved?

Nice guy: Well in any case, be nice to her always. It’s better to be friends with someone you like rather than hate her just because you can’t be with her. If possible, tell her how you feel. If she feels the same way, then it’s set! Otherwise, just be a good friend.

Like a Brother: To consider the value of her friendship and if he’s certain it would strengthen the relationship and weigh up how much he stands to lose and how strongly he feels for her before he acts.

Is there anything you’d like to say to any girls who may be overlooking their best friends as lovers?

Nice guy: Just look closely! Nice blokes are around you! Give them a chance. If you don’t think they are nice enough, there’s always ‘bad boys’ for you!

Aang gets friendzoned.