Vegan Lentil Curry Recipe

vegan lentil curry

This vegan lentil curry is a perfect main course for a Steampunk dinner party.

Serve Glorious Empire vegan lentil curry with rice to your guests as an appetiser for a steampunk dinner party.


  • vegetable lentil soup
  • curry spice
  • cumin
  • ground pepper
  • soya yoghurt

vegan lentil curry

Even though your guests might be a touch curried-out from the previous round of sweet potato curry balls at your Steampunk dinner party, this is a great dish that’s flavourful and hearty, with absolutely no stress to make.

Take some vegetable lentil soup in a can and drain some of the liquid. Put soup in a pot and mix in some curry spice, cumin, pepper flakes, and a heaping spoonful of Soya Yogurt. Add any frozen veggies that you’d like to the mix and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Serve hot over rice. You can use more expensive but very nutty and flavoursome wild rice if you want to make the dish look rather spectacular. If you’ve got a little herb garden in your windowsill or by your sink, don’t forget to add a small garnish of fresh parsley or (even better) coriander

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