Simple tofu and couscous recipe

Simple tofu and couscous recipe

Quick and easy vegetarian recipes – Check out our simple tofu and couscous recipe

This is a simple, quick and easy veggie recipe that’s perfect if you find it’s dinner time and you have nearly nothing left in the house so you’ve only got toast or… tofu and couscous. I use firm tofu in all of my vegetarian recipes.

Super quick tofu and couscous recipe – serves 1

150g tofu

Italian herbs

½ cup couscous

½ cup water

Tablespoon butter/margarine


1 teaspoon oil

Note: People with a gluten intolerance should know that couscous is a form of wheat. Serve with rice, corn pasta or quinoa instead!

To be fair, you could serve this tofu recipe with any type of pasta or rice. I just personally love couscous and it only takes a few minutes. Also I don’t think it would take much longer to cook more if you wanted to make a bigger meal. On a side note, with couscous I find tofu tastes best cut up really small so as much of it as possible can get saturated with all the flavours.

How to make this tofu recipe

First of all, cut up your tofu however you like it – cubed, sliced, mushed or in flowers. Whip out a small saucepan and lid and a small non-stick fry pan. Place your tofu in your non-stick fry pan (on the stove would be wise) and turn the heat up. Add as many Italian herbs (basil, marjoram, thyme, parsley; rosemary and oregano is my normal combination) as you wish. Make sure you add a lot because tofu is very bland unless you marinate it or add a lot of stuff.

Wait a minute or two then pour half a cup of water and a generous teaspoon of oil in the saucepan. Place this on the heat and wait for it to boil. Move the tofu around every so often to make sure it doesn’t stick. If your tofu does stick, turn the heat down a little.

When your water and oil have boiled, take them off the heat and pour in half a cup of couscous, then close the lid. Leave this for three minutes. Flip your tofu in the meantime. Flippy-flip-flip!

Take the lid off and put a teaspoon or so of butter in and mix it around with a fork. Put it back on medium heat for three minutes. If it starts sticking to the bottom add more butter.

When everything is satisfactorily cooked, pour it into a bowl and add some salt. Mix and enjoy.