Tequila Lime Jelly Shots Recipe

Tequila Lime Jelly Shots Recipe


This tequila lime jelly shots recipe involves REAL LIMES. Here’s how to scoop out limes and fill them with lime jelly, either with or without tequila.

There’s nothing more joyous on a summer’s day than bringing out limes that have been scooped out and filled with jelly. They look almost like the real thing, and the jelly is so tart and sweet at the same time. Utterly refreshing. You can add alcohol if you like! We went with classic tequila and a bit of sour apple Mickey Finn, if you’re wondering…

Jelly tequila limes

Mooky editor Magda says: I’m not sure what’s worse, my cooking or my camera… but these look amazing.

Recipe ingredients

    • As many limes as you can be bothered with. 3-8 is fine.
    • 1 packet of lime jelly. Most jelly has pork gelatine in, but there are plenty of veggie options around. Hartleys do a quickset vegeterian jelly sachet that is really cheap, but we’ve added a quick and easy recipe for vegetarian lime jelly below.
    • Alchohol if desired (we went with tequila, which goes beautifully with limes, and for good measure we added a few shots of apple sour Mickey Finn to bestow a sour-sweet kick and enhance the radioactive green).

How to make tequila lime jellies

  1. First cut your limes in half. It doesn’t matter if you cut across or from tip to tip.
  2. Now scoop out the limes and save their juice. Scooping out the limes takes a bit of effort, as they’re tougher to work with than oranges. First squeeze the lime juice into a container and remove pips. Next, scrape around the hollowed lime with a spoon to get as much juice and pulp out as possible. Finally, scrape through the hollow interior with a knife to remove the last of the juice.
  3. Pour the juice into a measuring jug to see how much you’ve got. This is important because you’ll be adding it to the jelly so you want to get the liquid proportions right.
  4. Now it’s time to make the jelly itself. Simply follow the instructions on the packet. Top up the lime juice you’ve saved with water to make up the final required amount of liquid.
  5. Once your jelly mixture is dissolved, add alcohol. Or not. If you do add alcohol, tequila will complement the lime juice perfectly and taste like Mexico.
  6. Ensure your lime halves will stay upright in the fridge. You can place them on a muffin or cupcake tray, for example. Pour the jelly into the hollowed-out limes and leave to set in the fridge.

Once they’re cooled, they’re ready! You have the option to keep the tequila jelly limes as halves and eat them with a tiny silver spoon, or to cut them into quarters and suck on them the way you would a lime. Either way, you win.

Please note: We cannot begin to tell you how delicious these are. Even if you don’t bother with acohol, the tart-sweet jelly is out of this world.

Jelly tequila limes

Easy Vegetarian Lime Jelly Recipe

Grab some agar agar jelly from the supermarket or health food shop. Follow the instructions on the packet. For liquid, use the lime juice as above but top it up with a juice that’s green and sweet, like apple or grape. Or any green drink you think would match the taste of limes, so long as it’s not fizzy.

Be aware that agar agar makes a quite cloudy jelly, but it still looks really pretty, so who cares?

Jelly tequila limes

When you chill the tequila lime jellies, store them in a fridge in such a way that they won’t topple over or spill their contents.

Jelly tequila limes

Like this… but with jelly!

FINAL TOP TIP: We discovered that limes are a bit harder to work with than oranges, in the end. Try it with quartered oranges for story level difficulty, or with limes for story and sword! Or with lychees for (impossible) top sword difficulty.