World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

Vegan recipes: An ex-Beatle (guess which one) has launched World Vegan Day alongside meat-free mondays. There’s a vegan cookery DVD involved, and we’ve got their vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes…

A Cookery DVD for World Vegan Day

November 1st is ‘World Vegan Day’, with events being held all over the world including London, Paris, Melbourne and Karnataka, India. The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the environmental and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. World Vegan day alongside ‘Meat Free Mondays’, launched by Sir Paul McCartney, draws a direct link between high methane emissions and an animal based diet that has an environmental impact much greater than the more popularized link between CO2 emissions and air travel.

World Vegan day is there also to guide those who are curious about veganism. WDF Productions have launched ‘The Healthy Vegan’ cookery DVD to help both current vegans looking to expand their vegan recipes and also to help people who are thinking about going vegan but are a little bit scared they wouldn’t be able to eat anything at all and would actually starve. Even though most meat eaters have at least one vegan day a week by sheer accident. Veganism isn’t all that frightening, honestly.

Vegan recipes

Amonst many other delicious vegan recipes, the DVD contains:

The DVD features leading vegan chef’s Rose Elliot, author of over 60 books, Tony Bishop-Weston of the London nutritionist company ‘Foods for Life’ and John Bayley head chef at Aloka in Brighton.

Andy Kelleher, the producer of said vegan cookery DVD, has been vegan himself for 15 years and felt that there was a distinct lack of straight forward presentations of Vegan Cookery available on DVD. Which is obviously naughty and wrong. There should be far, far more DVDs related to food in general and vegan recipes in particular, so we can watch food even if we’re not eating it. So ‘The Healthy Vegan’ has been constructed with an ease-of-use approach. It would make the perfect companion piece for anyone who fancies celebrating World Vegan day.

Acclaimed chefs Rose Elliot, Tony Bishop-Weston and innovative vegan chef, John Bayley present culinary techniques and recipes for creating tasty healthy meals without the recourse for fatty animal produce. The DVD combines Rose’s approach to traditional and special occasion meals; with Tony’s every day simple meals; complemented by John’s creative approach to using raw food to create some simply mouth watering and nutritionally balanced menus.

This vegan recipes DVD is created for vegans, vegetarians and those wishing to reduce their meat intake. The DVD introduces comprehensive and exciting meal options other than the usually perceived vegetarian food options such as bean burgers, pasta with tomato sauce, nut roast etc. For those that are already vegetarian and vegans, it introduces whole meal foods, full of flavours, texture and goodness made with ingredients that they may or may not have tried before.

Extras on the vegan cookery DVD include dietary advice by nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston, BSc Dip ION mBANT, culinary equipment techniques used by chefs and a simple guide on shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. This DVD is a must have for all those wishing to implement healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

‘The Healthy Vegan’ cookery DVD