Mixing holistic beauty and magick…

Mixing holistic beauty and magick...

Everyone knows that true beauty comes from within. Well, at least that’s we say but how far do we really understand it? Here’s a way to try it out for yourself… magickally.

Let’s say you’ve got a really special Saturday night occasion coming up and you want to look extra special. Here’s how to do it.

You have to approach it magickally and if you know anything about magick, you know that the best magick comes with careful preparation and that means making the preparation ‘special’.

Mirror, mirror…

So, in the couple of days before you go out, you have to spend a bit of private time in front of your best mirror to find what you’re going to wear. And that might mean buying something special or it might mean taking an outfit you know you look good in and making it just that bit extra-special. Whatever happens, you have to know your outfit days before you go out. It has to be something you feel really good in but it also has to be sexy. Sexy is important, so if your outfit isn’t sexy, buy some new, daring underwear.

Sympathetic magic – you are what you eat

In the couple of days before your Big Night Out, change your diet. Stop eating processed comfort foods and start eating loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’ll take a couple of days for the benefits of fresh food to work through your system and to flush out the old stodge and to make your skin and your hair feel really good. And the conscious effort of eating differently is a magickal act in itself.

Prepare with positive energy

On the day itself, wake up early and, during the day, do really active, positive things. Go out into the fresh air and do some good shopping or go out and work in your garden or have a really good session in the gym, or clean your house from top to bottom. It’s all about being active, energetic and vibey and finally feeling really exhausted but feeling like you’ve done loads of good things that really needed doing. Drink water, lots of water, instead of tea and coffee, and eat fresh food. And don’t stop until late afternoon when you can finally collapse in your chair.

Now the preparation is completed, the magick starts. You’re going to transmute the health, the vibe, the energy, into beauty. You’re going to concentrate the days of preparation into yourself.

Cleansing ritual

Have a bath, a long luxurious bath. Everything now has to be like a Ritual, so do magickal things like darken the bathroom and light candles, sprinkle rose petals on the water. Relax, close your eyes and start to feel the loveliness of it warm your whole body. If you’re going to wash your hair, do it in the bath. Gently massage yourself in the warm water. And when you get out, dry yourself with clean warm towels. Then lie on your bed and gently cream yourself all over with a really good penetrating cream like Vaseline Intensive Care. It’s hours yet till you have to go out and you’re going to spend those hours relaxing, drinking pure, clean water and concentrating on yourself and making yourself feel warm and sensuous. Feeling sexy is important and so is staying warm. All that water you’re drinking will give you a clear, translucent skin but it will also thin your blood and make you prone to getting chilled. Your inner fire can’t grow if your outer body is cold.

Magickal make-up and inner beauty

When you do your make-up, concentrate on your eyes and your mouth. Magick comes from the eyes and the smile. Spend a lot of time on your hair: it’s far more magickal than you realise. Fluff it, run your fingers through it, flounce it. And then your outfit, starting with your new underwear. Feeling sexy underneath (even if you’re not going out to a particularly sexy do) is very important to your inner vibe and your vibe is very important to your beauty. Look at yourself in the mirror a lot. You’re not perfect. No-one is. But, step by step, you’re making yourself the best you can be. Do nothing in a rush, do everything like an artist with time on their hands. Keep looking in the mirror, checking, preening, until you’re finally happy, not just so-so happy but really happy.

Now, go and cast a glamour on them all!

And when you step out, step out like a champion. Head up, back straight, eyes shining. You’re glowing inside, so smile, smile at everyone you meet. Tonight you’ve got no reason to hide in the shadows. You’re the best you can be, a shining star. Walk to the centre of every room and radiate. Fill the room with your vibe. And, after the clock has struck midnight, and you’re back at home, tired and happy, you’ll have learned a huge amount about how magick works and how real beauty comes from within.