New Witch or Old – Autumn is a Cunning Time to Ply your Craft

autumn witch season

Autumn is, perhaps, the most enchanting time of the year. The changing leaves, cooler weather, shorter days and longer nights all create a certain undeniable magic. In other words, autumn is the perfect season for new witches to begin practising their craft.

New witches (or those with fluid or personal spiritual beliefs who wouldn’t choose to label themselves witches) can take advantage of this season to explore the emergence and growth of their craft.

Change, Transition, and the Autumnal Tradition

The Halloween season is described as the season of the witch for a reason. It’s a sacred time for many witches. Autumn has many symbolic meanings and associations that connect it with witchcraft – yet, ultimately, it is a time of transition and change.  New and experienced witches often feel they benefit from following the cycle of the seasons to become attuned to nature’s calendar…

Autumn is a chance to rid yourself of the unnecessary things in your life.

Unburden yourself of old objects or habits to make room for the new — just as crops yield their bounty and trees shed their leaves. Purging your old items and organizing your remaining possessions is a cleansing experience. It can be difficult to let go of your old belongings, but embrace this unique time on your journey — a time when you are no longer weighed down.

If you are a new witch, think of your craft are blank canvas, waiting to be filled as you set out on your spiritual path. Take your time as you begin to paint this picture; be patient as you grow into your craft. There are many different types of witches, and you need not be in a rush to define yourself as you get started. Remember that even flowers wait until spring for their new growths to blossom.

Autumn: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The time between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice is charged with powerful energy, calling witches to experience and enjoy this wonderful season. The veil between this world and the next is thin at this time of year. Those who are just beginning their practice have the strongest energy in the air to motivate and guide the first steps of their craft.

You’re no doubt aware that Samhain, one of the most important holidays of the year, is observed in the fall. There are many different ways to celebrate with ritual and craft. Keep an eye on social media and your favourite witch blogs, as more experienced witches will most likely be sharing their rituals and ideas. Their experiences can provide you with useful tips and tools as you begin honing your abilities. This is a special time of the year, so use it to connect with and learn from them.

Chronicle your craft to reflect on your journey

Autumn is often called a time of reflection and remembrance. Incorporate these themes into your craft by chronicling the beginnings of your journey. Try starting a journal specifically about your practice and writing down your thoughts, feelings, and spells. You could even try photographing something new from your practice each day; autumn is an achingly beautiful time of year and will surely inspire you to record this time in your life. When you are a more experienced witch, you will be grateful that you documented this, regardless of the method you used.

What if the season is ready for you to increase your practice, but you are not?

Autumn may not be the right time for you to begin practising, and that is perfectly fine. Like any other religious or spiritual practice, you have to be honest about how it fits into your life. There’s no use trying to do or believe something that isn’t authentic to you, especially when your future as a witch can take any shape you want it to. Becoming a witch is a highly personal journey, and there is no right or wrong way to come into your craft.

Whether or not you choose to embrace the season, autumn is a lushly witchy time of year. Use its energy and magic to delve into the unfamiliar, but it is not the only opportunity available to new witches. The world of witchcraft, regardless of the time of year, is always open to those who wish to join it.