Feng-shui tips for your bedroom

Feng-shui tips for your bedroom

Here are some Feng Shui tips for your bedroom:

1) According to Feng Shui, bedroom is a space where the soul regenerates. It’s thought to be the most sacred room. So you want to get a really good balance of yin and yang.

2) Keeping your bed in line with your door can drain away all your energy. Try to ensure your bed is in the ‘command’ position if it suits the layout of the room. The ‘command’ position means the bed is on in line with the wall furthest from the door, and the head of the bed is against a solid wall.

3) Do not keep a mirror facing your bed. If you have no option but to keep a mirror in front of your bed, cover it with a cloth before sleeping.

4) Ideally you would not keep you working desk or computer in your bedroom. The energy behind work and rest are opposite to each other and it’s good to separate them. In real life, it’s very likely you WILL have your computer in your room. In which case, use the Feng shui compass to decide where your computer / work stuff will be most compatible with the relaxing energy of your bedroom, and separate it from the bed with a feng shui element (say, put a plant on your computer desk, or a pink statue with a soft curvy shape to it).

5) Do not leave your bedroom cluttered. Avoid storing useless bits and bobs. A clean room gets that positive energy flowing around.