Halloween – taking a moment to honour and reflect

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Halloween is the perfect day to consider the past, present and future in one eternal web. Honour yourself and your ancestors on this connected day.

Halloween reflection

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All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain… however you choose to celebrate it, Halloween is a time to honour your ancestors… or even ancestors who are not part of your family tree.

You may choose to hold a Day of the Dead dinner on your own or with loved ones (there’s no obligation to make it a Silent Supper in the old tradition). Sometimes talking and laughing is exactly the right thing to do.

If you’re pagan, you may choose to honour those who have gone before with Samhain rituals featuring apples, bonfires and their symbolic equivalents (if you’re an urban witch and have less celebration space to work with).

If you are grieving for a possibly recent lost one, Halloween can be hard and strange when everyone around you seems to be having fun. Allow yourself the space you need – bereavement means there is no wrong way to grieve.

However you do it, make Halloween meaningful to you.

And, if you can, create a little time for yourself to honour your ancestors and reflect on the past, present and future.

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