Humbleness spell

humbleness spell for pride

Spells for the witch in you: First, you must get in touch with the witch in you. That’s the voice within telling us to breathe some magic into our lives. Your witch intuitively understands the wonders of spells and other rituals. These allow us to know ourselves and others better, improving the quality of our lives, encouraging us to face our problems. Try it. Believe it. This might just work…

You will need: the largest amethyst crystal you can truly afford.

Don’t insist on picking up the tab in a restaurant to give friends the impression you’re doing better than you are. Cast this spell to stop all this pride business eating away at your overdraft. Huge rocks called geodes are guaranteed to humble if you have enough disposable income.

Sit cross-legged on the floor in from of your crystal and worship it. Admire the beauty, the shape, the colours, Feel its energy through your hands. Say to yourself, “May the crystal soothe me swollen ego. Banish my bane and let the real me remain. Let me feel pride where pride is due, and humbleness, long overdue”.

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