What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About What Type of Person You Are

What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About What Type of Person You Are

They say your favourite flower can reveal your personality type. Discover the secret language of flowers.

Do you have a favourite flower? Most people do, but have you stopped to consider what that preference might say about you as a person? Interestingly enough, different flowers are also associated with different symbolisms, meanings, and emotions – the Victorians even invented a secret language of flowers called floriography, first introduced by Mary Wortley Montagu and Aubry de La Mottraye. Many theorise that a person’s flower preference indicates they are most like the associated attributes of that flower. To test it out, see a few of the examples below and decide for yourself if your favourite flower describes you well or not.


If you love roses, you’re in good company. You’re also likely to be a romantic person who is also very passionate, and who sees and brings out the best in others. You prefer tradition, and can be a tad bit perfectionistic at times. You usually find yourself in deep and meaningful relationships, and you have a kind heart.


People who like daisies tend to be the cheerful sort, very optimistic and upbeat about almost everything. You are a loyal friend, and seek the same in those with whom you forge friendships. At a party, you’re the one making others laugh and encouraging everyone to join in and feel included. A lover of all things outdoors, you’ve got a knack for adventure and are always up for trying something new. Also, you’re one of the best things about the TV comedy programme Spaced, and EVERYTHING was good about Spaced.

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If the carnation is your favourite flower, you’re very down to earth. However, you’ve got a tendency to like things just the way they are, thank you very much, and you’ve no rush to change anything. In fact, most of the time large changes make you somewhat fearful. But you’re great for a word of advice, and your friends know they can count on you to lend an ear and a hand. The finest way to wear a carnation is as a buttonhole motif when attired in suit and bowler hat.


If it’s the Lily you’re fond of, you’ve a very commanding presence, but you’re nurturing as well. Your motherly instincts make you quite caring and protective, particularly to those for whom you care deeply. You tend to take great pride in your achievements and accomplishments, but not arrogantly so, and your friends respect you highly. And, of course, you gave birth to Harry Potter, the boy destined to prevail against He Who Must Not Be Named.

Tropical Flowers

Those who love tropical flowers are quite the exotic and worldly type, always up for a new adventure in a location unbeknownst to you. You tend to hold your secrets close to your heart, and you’ve many of those. A private person, you also share nearly everything with a few, select group of people who have earned your trust. You’re reserved at times, but if it comes down to it, you’ll speak your mind if you feel it’s the right thing to do. People generally like being around you, and you’re mostly positive. Tropical flowers are almost always in season, and sites like ArenaFlowers.com usually host a variety of tropical flowers from which to choose. Unlike venus fly traps, you do not include flies as an added source of protein in your diet.

Knowledge is Power

Different classes of flowers are attributable to different types of people, and while it’s great fun to see what your favourite flower says about you, being able to match personality types to flowers also makes gift giving a breeze.If you’ve got a friend that perfectly fits one of the flower personality types above, use your secret understanding of the language of flowers in a beautiful creation that is truly thoughtful and meaningful. Being able to match personalities to flower types can make you an expert gift-giver, but the secret can be all yours.

Isobel Ross loves gardening. She especially enjoys researching the historical symbolism of plants and garden design.