How to look after crystals and care for them

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Tips on how to look after crystals and care for them: Crystals are beautiful, natural and individual, with healing properties, but they need care too. Look after your crystals and they’ll look after you.

Tips for choosing crystals

Whether you’re choosing a rough and unworked crystal for its natural charms or a tumbled and polished one for a refined finish, a crystal should not be chosen on sight alone.

You may have decided that what you need is an amethyst to improve your crystal meditation, but if another gem catches your eye and feels right, then it may be better for you to have that one. Pick whichever stone you feel drawn to. If you feel tempted to buy the biggest piece for your money then close your eyes and let your hand settle on the one that’s right for you.

Cleansing your crystals

Crystals vibrate and send out their energy, so we keep them close to us to harness their powers – but crystals also soak up the energy around them. After spending a few days with you in a foul mood the crystal will be full of your negativity. If you give this crystal to a friend, rather than feeling better they might be mysteriously stricken with their own bad temper. To avoid this you need to cleanse your crystals, purging them of any bad vibes.

There are several ways to do this; after some practice you might find some of your own.

Burying your crystal in soil, salt or snow lets the earth do all the purifying work for you. Alternatively you can hold the crystal under running water – natural is best – and visualise all the negativity draining out of it and being carried away with the water.

You’ll know when the crystal is cleansed by the feel of it. There should be a noticeable difference; the crystal may feel lighter or look brighter depending on your individual perception.

Remember to cleanse a crystal as soon as you buy it. It’s already soaked up all the energy of the shop it’s been in and will be carrying the baggage of all the shop’s patrons.

Charging crystals

Charging crystals means empowering them. Yes, crystals do already have their own unique powers – but for spell work you can charge them as you would any ritual tool.

Say you wanted to get fit for a race? instead of just carrying a citrine for energy you could charge it specifically for your purpose by holding the citrine and concentrating on your desire to get fit and win the race.

A chant may help you focus on sending your intent to the crystal – something simple like ‘faster, faster’. When you work out, carrying the crystal will remind you of your end goal, as will repeating your chant to yourself when you run.

You can also charge your crystal with solar or lunar power. The feminine power of the moon can be very helpful if you need to feel sexier, and the masculinity of the sun can give you a confidence boost. Make sure the crystal is somewhere that comes in direct contact with the sun or moonlight to absorb its rays.

Losing crystals

I once read somewhere that you never lose a crystal – rather, it goes to where it’s needed. So don’t regret losing that carnelian – you just don’t need it anymore.

It also works in reverse. If you find a crystal then allow yourself to hold onto it. Maybe something out there thinks it’s time you had it.

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Amethyst to help you meditate

crystal healing

Citrine to improve energy levels

crystal healing

Carnelian for courage and confidence