Palmistry nodes

Palmistry nodes

Have you ever read a description of your sun sign in a book or on a greeting card, or read the daily horoscopes in the newspaper, and it just didn’t sound like you? Even the best sun sign columns can only give general advice.

Besides the Sun, there are 9 other major planets in your chart to consider. Each planet represents a major energy in your life. Therefore, the sign that the Sun is in only a shows us a small piece of the picture.

If you had to give up everything in a chart, and could only look at one thing, you would keep the Moon’s North and South Nodes. They are usually, but not always, the most accurate indication of someone’s life purpose, of all the placements in the western astrological birth chart.

The South Node is the symbol of our past. It represents where we are already gifted, comfortable, and attached. Moving out of this place can be the work of a lifetime, because everything in us just wants to stay where we are comfortable. But – the thing is – we are here to grow into uncharted territory of self-exploration.

The North Node points us in the direction of what would be scary, difficult, and yet utterly exhilarating for us to achieve. Knowing about our North Node, so that we can continually notice our resistance to fulfilling it, is one of the most invaluable pieces of self-knowledge that astrology can give us. When we look back over our lives, if we have not fulfilled our North Node, we will probably look at our lives with some disappointment. It’s as if one who has fulfilled his/her North Node could probably die in peace.

You can usually notice the universe pushing you towards your North Node. Usually, when you get too lazy and comfortable in your South Node territory, that territory starts to become really uncomfortable – like the universe whipping the donkey from behind. And when you are actually moving in the direction of their North Node, positive things occur to encourage you to keep moving in that direction, like the carrot in front of the donkey.

Unlike when you read a tabloid horoscope, the main reaction of someone who finds out about their Nodes is ‘My God, yes. Of course!’ One of the benefits of having a proper astrological chart done is that you find out your North and South Nodes, which can be really useful for figuring out what bits of yourself you should downplay and which bits you should pay attention to.

Capricorn North Node people are learning to take charge of their lives. People like you have had so many past incarnations being dependent on family for physical survival that they subconsciously fear that they are incapable of making their own way in life. Capricorn North Nodes are learning to rise above difficult family relationships. In order to rise above this, you need to set goals outside of the family, focusing on self-direction, without feeling personally responsible for others’ emotions. Capricorn North Nodes are developing self respect. In this lifetime you need to choose a direction and experience the feeling of self-respect that comes from passing beyond personal limitations in the successful pursuit of your goals.

Capricorn North Node people have their South Node in Cancer. They are co-dependent on family and friends, and find it easy to be aware of feelings and have sensitivity towards the situations of themselves and others. They can have a tendency to be waylaid by feeling, either by putting others consistently first, or by failing to achieve their goals by sacrificing practicality for emotions.