Palmistry firstly looks at general characteristics of the hand – the length and fleshiness of the fingers, the fleshiness of the mounds (eg that big bump in the palm your thumb goes down into), and the shape of the hand itself. Although fleshiness can change, the general shape of the hand cannot, and this is considered a base for finding out what type you are.

Chiromancy (just thought we’d slip that in. Chiromancy. Mmm. Chiromancy) then goes on to look at other formations and marks – the patterns of the hands’ lines, most noticeably. Formations on the hand like its lines do change with time. Palmistry is an inexact science but it believes that study of the hands gives clues to your mental, emotional and physical state, and certain character traits – that, like the lines on your hand, can change with time.

To this end, it’s good to look at both hands: palmists believe that the markings on your least-used hand represent your past and that the lines of your most-used hand show how your present looks, according to the steps you’re currently taking in your life.

If you want to have a look at your hands and see what secrets they can tell you, we’ve found a nice site which takes you through the lines on your palm step by step. No spam, no attempts to sell you anything.

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