Reaching Out To The Witch

witch ball

Overt time and throughout the diversity of magic itself the definition of a witch has evolved. Through the ancient ages of Shamanism, the golden history of Alchemy, the horrors of the Salem Witch trials up until the reclaiming and rising of modern day bad-to-the-bone witches, it’s no secret that magic is sprinkled (not so lightly either) throughout the history of humanity. However, with the distractions from today’s world we are in danger of becoming disconnected from what it means to be a witch. It’s valuable to reflect what that word, which is so widely regarded as taboo, means.

Some say that a witch is someone (usually a completely badass eccentric babe)  who can stir a combobulation of herbs and elixirs, and work sweet rituals to manifest really rad stuff that she wants in her life, all the while interweaving specific Deities (or even just one Divine Consciousness) into her work.

Maybe you don’t truly believe a potion of herbs and oils will cure all of your woes, but what other elements could make up a witch?

What if it’s also her capability to focus on what she wants, then draws it into her life because she, like every single one of us in this world, has the intrinsic primordial power to do so?

What if being a witch means choosing to consciously intermingle with the force of life in all its joyous, heartache, bittersweet ways and love every single moment of it? What if you choose to be a witch? What if you choose to toss aside society’s definition of  “accepted ways of living” and instead choose to embrace that quirky, weird, raw-hearted, defiant, rebellious way of living that inspires you?

What if, like the witch, you choose to open your world up to magic and create exactly what you want to happen all because you have the fervent will to do so?

Would you, like the witch, cast spells and incantations with the everyday words that you use to gradually shift your life and fill it up with things that make your soul stir?

There is so much more mystery in this life than what our limited perception knows, and the witch knows that playing with this mysterious fire opens up a dangerously delicious portal of endless possibilities. A witch is many things, but whatever definition you feel is given to one, there is only one thing that is universal for any magical creator: there is an ecstatic liberation when we explore the alchemy in our hearts. We must be unapologetic for boldly living the multifaceted experiences life has to offer and sharing them with other magic makers and soul artists.

So what if you reached out to your own inner crafting and acknowledged the witch within you, who patiently waits for you to remember?

Photo: Pinterest