Rose love spell

rose love spell

Spells for the witch in you: First, you must get in touch with the witch in you. That’s the voice within telling us to breathe some magic into our lives. Your witch intuitively understands the wonders of spells and other rituals. These allow us to know ourselves and others better, improving the quality of our lives, encouraging us to face our problems. Try it. Believe it. This might just work…

The rose love spell is a long term project to bring beauty and love, in all its guises, into your life – which also makes an excellent wedding gift.

You will need: a miniature rose, 5 seashells, time and attention.

Choose a slightly fragrant species of rose such as Pink Sunblaze or Hula Girl. Plant it in a pot with fertile, moist but well-drained soil and display in a sunny site outside. Place the shells on the soil, saying, “Come fire and air, come water and earth, together with Akasha, Spirit of the universe. By your presence with this rose will grow and by her blooms may love grow also within the hearts of those with the sense to sense and know”.

Seven rose buds may be strewn in the bath prior to an important date or sewn, along with lavender, in two squares of muslin to hang above your bed.

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Rose love spell